Musical Monday – It’s Too Darn Hot

Posted by SaraG on June 19, 2017


I find it incredibly difficult to think when it’s hot. Or if I do manage to string coherent bits of information together in my brain, I certainly can’t articulate them if it’s above a certain temperature. And I’m gonna let you in on a shocking secret, that temperature tipping point is surprisingly low. Like, probably kind of chilly to some people. So summer can be a bit…trying for me. My ability to keep you entertained is also going to be impacted by some fairly intense work-related activities that came to a head this week and the fact that I’m going on a two-week vacation in Nova Scotia and PEI next week. Who can focus when whale watching, night hikes, and lobster are sooooo close?

So I’m going to just drop a couple of incredibly sexy pictures here and some live performances of two songs released this month. They kept me entertained and I’m having problems focusing on ANYTHING. B.A.P.’s Dae Hyun and Jong Up put out a project album featuring a solo song by each. They performed the songs on various music programs and released dance practice videos, but didn’t do MVs. The songs are both engaging though I tend to lean toward Dae Hyun’s Shadow over Jong Up’s Try My Luck. No major reason, they are both great, it’s just that Dae Hyun’s voice does something to me in general and he seems to have matured a lot in the last year.

As an aside, Dae Hyun and Jong Up have two of my favorite beauty marks in all of Kpop. One of my daughters has a darling little beauty mark on her face that she recently recognized as being a little different than the smooth cheeks of some of her friends. She was a little self-conscious about it until I showed her these two fellas (along with a couple of other very impressive lookers). Let’s just say that she feels a whole lot better now. She has great taste.


Also, these guys are hilarious. I fell down a YouTube hole of videos of them being idiots to each other and I grew to love them even more than I had before. I want to keep them forever. I would have to keep them separated because, man, they are savages when they get together, but I would keep them just the same.

Daehyun, Shadow

Jongup, Try My Luck

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  • Reply KpopontheDL June 19, 2017 at 9:33 am

    I have both songs on my playlist but I agree that Daehyun’s Shadow is the better song (not sure why). And I love this sexy, mature side of himself he showed off.

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