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Posted by Stephanie on June 21, 2017

Casting News

When I first heard of Jinyoung signing onto a web drama, I gave him a bit of side-eye. Jinyoung? Aren’t you a little far along in your career to step backwards into a web drama? Then I got ahold of myself. Yes, he’s moved his way to b-lead, however, he’s an infequent b-lead who is still more known for his position in B1A4 than he is for his acting prowess.

I was going to give the news a pass, as he’s not a must see for me and web dramas are not a must see for me but then when I saw the who his costar would be Chae Soo Bin who, the article said starred with him in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds — which made me go, ‘What?’

As he played the second lead in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds I automatically assumed he and the lead heroine would be working together again. Awww…. Guy finally gets the chance to get the girl! But then I realized, nope. Not the lead girl. Turns out, Chae Soo Bin played the second lead female, the one who had her sights set on the prince. (It was Park Bo Gum, who could blame her?)

Now I’m interested in the show. Well. As much as I can be interested in a web drama. Both characters in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds weren’t terrible. You know, the wannabe boyfriend/girlfriends who do terrible things, demeaning themselves, doing whatever it takes to eventually get dumped by the lead? Nope, both characters were stand up people who played (mostly) nice and gave in when they saw the writing on the wall. The idea that we get to see thoes characters in some sort of drama together (even though yes, I realize the dramas don’t actually have anything to do with each other) make me sit back and say…maybe.

Come on, it’s part of the reason we liked Heartstrings, right?

The drama is called If We Were A Season, and is just beinging the begining stages of production, so it will be a while before we know more about the show, but I’m going to keep my eye out for it.

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