Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Building a Playlist

Posted by SaraG on June 22, 2017


I admit that I’ve fallen into a teeny tiny playlist rut. I’ve started just scrolling through all of the new releases in the genres I like, throwing similar stuff onto a list and just kind of numbering them…so every couple of weeks I have a completed playlist that’s just the right number of songs or amount of time, but there isn’t a cohesive theme. It’s lazy. It’s been working as background music on the job, but it’s not cutting it when I’m walking the dog, or running, or in the mood for a specific sound. It’s all terribly shameful.

To reinvigorate my music honing skills I’ve started working on a “Summer Songs” playlist. I’m super lazy, so it’s taking some time to flesh it out, but I’ve definitely gathered like four songs that perfectly embody what I want the list to sound like. Last week’s Throwback was actually the inspiration for the list. To me, Jero’s Airplane just sounds like what summer should be. And so does today’s song. And I want to hear them one right after the other. See how that works? Like songs to suit a specific mood belong on a list together. It’s beautiful when you actually find the time to make it happen.

Punchnello is a rapper on Tablo’s HIGHGRND label. He’s super talented and one of the new rappers that I started following with their debut album and will continue to track because there is just something about their voice, rhythm, or style that sticks to my ribs. He’s young (like I’ll take him out for a beer when he can legally drink in our country kind of young) and has some maturing to do, but man, if he keeps getting better I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. Someone’s going to have to sit with me and hold my hand for each comeback or I don’t know what might happen…but it won’t be pretty, I’m sure.

Corona is from Punchnello’s debut single, Lime. It’s upbeat, the backing track is pretty fast, but the lyrics are kind of chill, especially the chorus. It’s like the song is totally down to go to the beach party and say hey to all of it’s friends, but what it really wants to do is just observe it all with a cold beverage in hand and maybe a bag of lime flavored tortilla chips close by. Maybe I’m projecting.

Sidenote: Crush and Dean jam out sharing headphones. I could watch that adorableness on repeat.

What song would you put on this playlist?

Not that I’m going to steal your ideas, but I’ve already said I’m lazy so……………..


Punchnello, Corona (ft. Crush)

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  • Reply tobecontinewed June 22, 2017 at 10:25 am

    For me, B1A4’s Solo Day is the perfect summer song.

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