Musical Monday – I’m Going on Vacation

Posted by SaraG on June 26, 2017


There is so much planning that goes into a vacation. I mean, obviously there’s the where, what to do, who to invite (cause we all know I can never just go on my own), how long to go, etc. But there is also the whole how am I going to ensure that my children and I are suitably entertained on all of those long airplane rides. Because I can’t seem to vacation close to home. This year we are flying to Nova Scotia, PEI, and Cape Breton Island. I don’t worry about my husband or the others – they are responsible for themselves – but I do worry about how to keep the children that whine at me for something to do quiet.

As the years have progressed and said children are moving into a more reasonable age group we have more and more in common and the entertainment planning has gotten easier – or at least more fun. I make a playlist for the flight and my oldest is all down to share it. She’s finally perfectly happy to sit and listen to music for a stretch of time and maybe daydream a little. As a consequence, she does some vetting of songs before I finalize what we’re downloading…like she prefers the song Yes I am over AZE Gag from Mamamoo’s new album. And since I like both of them, we can go with the former. FYI, the entire album is awesome. LISTEN TO IT.

We also agreed that the sound of Yozoh’s new song Let it Shine is absolutely perfect for celebrating the beginning of a trip. It’s super retro and fun, upbeat and great for dancing. The message is also a fantastic one to pass on to my kiddos. The song is about not quite understanding what makes yourself so special when you can so obviously see the uniqueness in those around you…but then you just kind of get it. You realize that NOW is the time to let your inner you shine. As a tween, my oldest needs to hear and embrace this. I would prefer she continue to like good music and not the drivel that so many of her peers listen to. I would love if she would keep watching Miyazaki films and reading books that push her imagination to all sorts of new places. I’m doing my best to surround both of my kiddos with adults who are fiercely themselves but are open to experiencing the richness of trying new things, those kindred spirits that have kind of defined themselves as being perfectly happy to have a foot in reality and a foot in the adventures of trying everything they can get their hands on (illicit substances and you know, murder, aside).

Anyway, I’m rambling because I should be doing laundry and packing for the trip and that sounds less fun than filling my Kindle with books, my iPad with drama episodes, or my phone with music.

I won’t be posting again until July 10, but no worries, KpopontheDL and Stephanie have you covered for music. You probably won’t even know I’m gone.


Yozoh, Let it Shine

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