BTS Bon Voyage 2

Posted by Stephanie on June 27, 2017


Bon Voyage Season 2? Sign me up! (Seriously, can I have it right now? Or yesterday? Yesterday would be great.”)

And I’m guessing I’m not alone.

While their incessant losing of things, including vital items, stressed me out — come on guys — you can not be that hopeless. Yes, I know you are sheltered with managers and various staff members taking care of you, but you are at this point all adults who travel the world regularly. You would think that you would be well traveled enough to keep your important papers, tickets, baggage etc, safe. I’m not sure if they played their recklessness up for the cameras — which is entirely possible — but after the first few times? It was no longer cute or funny, it was irritating… especially when Rap Monster losing his passport manages to get him sent home. Come on. You’re the leader. You’re supposed to be the responsible one. Also. You’re my official bias, you should be there for every episode. For me. /rant.

Despite all this? I enjoyed the heck out of the show and eagerly awaited subs.

To learn they are having a season two makes me all sorts of excited. And not just because it’s BTS! (Although, yeah, it’s the main part.) They filmed the season in the US, Hawaii to be exact. Heh. Makes you wonder just how much sunscreen Yoongi needed to apply in order to protect his ghost like complexion. I love the idea of them being able to do some touristy things here in the US as it seems as though on their concert tours they are usually locked down in those hotel rooms.

It makes me wonder if they are going to be recognized while there. Part of me hopes yes as — go US Kpop fans! But the other part of me likes the idea of them being able to have the chance to enjoy an unencumbered break. (Or as much as one can be unencumbered surrounded by all those cameras.) On the last Bon Voyage, while we saw (and were charmed by) a few people recognizing them, we fans know there was an incident they chose not to feature on the show where the guys were scarily surrounded by fans, causing them to run away. I really do not want a repeat of this on our home turf.

BTS are (is?) no strangers to the web variety show. Social media and their skilled handling of it is part of why they have gotten to be so popular (and, yes, their killer talent), I find I prefer their Bon Voyage over the other programs they’ve done. I tried Rookie King, I tried American Hustle Life, I even tried a few of their BTS Run episodes and I have some trouble trying to settle into them, I can’t really get hooked. Why? I think it’s my easy case of second-hand embarrassment? I prefer when they are out doing something, experiencing something, rather than them doing some awkwardly staged skit show.

It’s no surprise to you I’m a huge BTS fan. Bon Voyage made me love them even more. So Season 2? I can’t wait.


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