Throwback (Musical) Thursday: SaraG Is On Vacation! Time To Get All Dark and Depressing

Posted by Stephanie on June 29, 2017


SaraG is off to recharge her batteries with her required yearly international travel. Which means you’re stuck here with me for these musical instances. Okay so, not gonna lie, I almost forgot I was supposed to be covering for her today so, I don’t really have anything special for you planned. Once I had that “Oh Crap” moment I was wondering what to showcase for you guys, and then realized I’ve actually been listening to the same song for about three weeks straight.

Here we go. 

I know, some of you are going to groan, roll your eyes,  and probably slap your heads when you figure out first chance I get at this I’m going to push my Nell agenda. You may think while I’ve been away from these musical posts I may have moved away from my love of Nell, but haha! you, my friend, would be wrong. Nell still continues to rock my musical boat.

It had been a while since I’d listened to them as don’t tell Nell, BTS is completely my love jam, but then as I’ve gotten busy trying to crank out the end of my TOPSU fic, I found I needed some moody music to really get me into the requisite angsty mindset. My Nell mix? Seems to fit the bill nicely. Or, more to the fact a few songs from the Nell mix just hit that “I’m about to rip someone’s heart out” feel I’m going for. For example, check out these cheery lyrics:

Stop fucking with my brain
Stop spitting on my pain
I’ll burn you in flame
I’m losing control

Heartwarming, huh? It’s like I’m back to my angsty teenage years. Ooh. Think Nell is the Korean Radiohead? Heh.

Loosing Control, in particular, is the one song I have on repeat. Over and over again. And again. And again.  As for the name, I’m wondering if that’s an English spelling error or an ironic wordplay that I don’t understand as I don’t really know the lyrics besides those that are repeated in Korean. But, as with all Korean music fans, it doesn’t really matter what the words actually say, it’s the feeling it invokes and Loosing Control to me is pain and heartbreak wrapped up in a fluffy cozy blanket.

Nell, Loosing Control

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