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Posted by Stephanie on July 5, 2017

Casting News

For those of you still processing the news of Song Joong Ki’s marriage,  I’ve got more possibly more exciting or more relevant news.

Song Joong Ki may soon be joining the fight against zombies!

First off, I’ll admit I’d almost forgotten that the writer of Signal‘s upcoming drama was going to be about zombies — Joseon zombies to be exact — but now that it’s come up, I’ll take a moment to not only remind myself, but allow myself another to remind myself just how excited this show makes me. The amazing writer from Signal, Ghost, and Signs! A saeguk that has less chances to be swamped up in political machinations! Zombies!

And now possibly Song Joong Ki? This thing has winner written all over it.

Of course he hasn’t actually accepted the job yet and with yesterday’s announcement of his upcoming marriage, I wonder if this may have him second guessing the option, but I’m thinking it is a great opportunity for him. As his last drama was with Kim Eun Seuk, going with another writer who has a rising star and some acclaim wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would be hard for him to go from something so incredibly popular like Descendants of the Sun to another regular drama.

The drama, called Kingdom, will be a preproduced Netflix drama and is scheduled to be only 8 episodes. Preproduced dramas are great for actors as the schedule is more humane for both the actors and staff.  8 episodes is half the span of a usual kdrama– plenty of time for wedding planning. The best thing of all this though is the Netflix aspect of the show.

This is a show being produced for Netflix, for an international audience. I’m thinking something like this can only broaden Song Joong Ki’s appeal. Look at what Train to Busan is doing for Gong Yoo!

Plus, as the drama is about a king struggling with a zombie infestation in his kingdom, Joong Ki would be playing royalty again…who doesn’t want that??

Kingdom is not going to be beginning production until September with a release planned for later on in the year, so we’ve got some time to think, to ponder, to get excited. However for Song Joong Ki? He’s got to make up his mind soon, September is not that far away!

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