Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work Out

Posted by Stephanie on July 6, 2017


For someone who is crazy about music, who can’t go without 5-10 minutes without something going on in my headphones, thanks to an unfortunate phone with limited memory, I don’t have a lot of actual albums stored there. This means I have to strategically plan for what I think I’m going to listen to. So when I realize I have multiple CD’s of one band, it is pretty telling. 

One of those bands that I did a ‘hey, what do you know’, when doing a shuffle I came across song after song of theirs, realizing I have almost their whole back catalog on my phone, would be MIB. Every time I come across a song I really liked and checked to see who it is and a whenever it’s MIB, I give a wistful sigh. Why? MIB has since disbanded. Turns out I became a big fan of them after their demise, that there will never be more music from them.

It makes me a little sad.

According to some of the band members, the group broke up as they were heavily in debt. So listening to songs that you really enjoy, knowing how hard they worked on them, how excited they must have been for each release, only to see themselves sinking deeper and deeper, hoping this release would have a song on it that would finally catch the nation’s attention, that would shoot them into mainstream, and knowing that this never happened for them? It can’t help but put a pale on their music, on their legacy. I actually had the chance to see MIB in person, they were performing at a Korean festival in Flushing, NY a couple of years ago. Yeah. I saw a kpop band, for free in a park in NY and as we were surrounded by older people and not a very big crowd —I got really close. I was incredibly excited. However, now knowing what I know, that they were probably just taking any gig that they could get, makes me want to run up and squish all of their cheeks.

You guys were great.

And to think that this happens to so many bands all the time, it’s a sobering thought. Just off the top of my head, I know of Sistar, Spica, History, and I.O.I. Of course, in an industry where new groups are formed and spat out with machine-like frequency, this is to be expected. When these groups fall apart, you hope that members are going to be scooped up by other bands, by different management, but in reality, those chances are pretty slim.

Wow. What a cheery topic.

To end this depressing and soul dinging post, (SaraG is never going to want me to take over for her again) let’s end with some MIB, doing what they loved. Making music. I hope that they all land softly.

MIB, Who’s Next

MIB, Dash


MIB, Celebrate

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    I also really enjoyed M.I.B.

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