Khottie of the Week: The Dimple Edition, Part Two

Posted by Stephanie on July 8, 2017

Khottie of the Week

DIMPLES. Dimples. DIMPLES. Dimples. So I’m a fan. A big fan. And I’m not alone. After KpopontheDL had a great dimple party last week, and as scheduling required her to take this week off, she invited me to add to her collection. Or, to fix some egregious oversights to the list. While it’s been a while since I’ve done a Khottie post, I guess I can power through, look at some hotties, and put together a list. Now onto Dimples!

Hoseok, Hoseok, Hoseok! Don’t you just want to swim in those dimples?

Apparently, I’m not the only one who can’t resist…

Then there is Mr Crooked Dimple, Lee Seung Gi.

Don’t you just want to poke it?

I’m fairly certain, Lee Jong Hyun’s dimple swept this girl off her feet.

Rap Monster! What are you doing here? You made it onto last week’s list!

Honey Lee says “Hey! Girls can have dimples too!”

Shin Min Ah agrees. BAM! Girl Dimples!


Oh, what? You missed that? You needed that repeated? BAM DIMPLES!

RAP MON! Get out of here!

Man. Some People.

Agreed Lee Seo Jin, agreed.

Another sad oversight from last week?

Heck yeah, Chanyeol!


Rap Mon. Don’t make me come over there. Give others their turn!

If you can manage to not distract yourself, you can locate Bobby’s dimple.

I don’t think I saw that, flash them again, please!


Choi Jin Hyuk? Age appropriate dimples!

Remember Kim Bum? How about those dimples?

For the love of Mike, I give up.

Taecyeon? Thanks for waiting your turn.

Though we are worried for T.O.P, we can still appreciate those dimples. FIGHTING!


And more in age appropriate dimple gazing— Kim Tae Hyung

Roommate Alix wanted to make sure Jooheon from Monsta X was included.

Wow. That’s some perfect dimple. Le’ts try that again.

And that should do it for dimples. KpopontheDL will be back with you next week. In the meantime, Happy Saturday!









  • Reply DBChen July 8, 2017 at 7:44 am

    Lay of EXO has cute dimples too and Kim
    Himchan has eye dimple when he smiles.

    • Reply Stephanie July 18, 2017 at 8:28 pm

      There are an excessive amount of dimples in idols. Just sayin’.


  • Reply Anonymous July 13, 2017 at 10:46 am

    But Stephanie,who in this list is “Dimples” that you always talk about?
    Be still my heart!! I LOVE IT!! Chanyeol is my EXO bias so I am very pleased to see him included. And I swear, Honey Lee has the only “top of your cheek” dimple I have ever seen. I think it was the dimples that made her so hard to hate in Pasta. But you have convinced us of Rap Mon for the win!! lol.
    FYI, comments wouldn’t let me sign in, so this is Rebekah Roberts. 😉

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