Episode 114: The One With the Trigger Warnings?

Posted by Cherry Cordial on July 22, 2017



In this b-side we’re talking trigger warnings, what they are, where they go, and whether or not we agree with them. Answer? Maybe? Then, we follow up with a nice round on comments on comments.

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How The “Trigger Warning” Took Over The Internet

K-Pop’s Biggest Boy Band BTS: ‘We Write About Things People Don’t Want to Say’

Stephanie would like to probably apologize to the following:
  • Anyone who does believe in trigger warnings?
  • Anyone who took exception with her flippancy towards trigger warnings?  
  • Whoever made that comment about trigger warnings which started the whole conversation.
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 


  • Reply Saloretta24 July 23, 2017 at 1:09 am

    I feel like Lookout did really well in closing out the story loop, in the way that I was satisfied with it being a stand-alone drama. That being said, I could see there being a season two if the producers decide to go that way. I could say more but there is a pretty big spoiler at the end of the drama I’d hate to ruin…
    Congrats on the almost job!

  • Reply Talie W July 31, 2017 at 2:20 am

    I typically lean toward Stephanie’s view on trigger warnings, but if anything you could add a rating (similar to the MPAA film rating system or your own) to the stories based on what you’ve seen and know about them? That way nothing is spoiled and people are still warned that the story gets bad. This would be nice since the rating system (ex. G to NC-17) Americans are used to isn’t used on foreign films so something similar is often hard to find and spoils a lot. You could also color code so it’s really basic?
    Maybe this would be too complicated, and I don’t really mind either way, it was just a thought!

    http://www.filmratings.com/Content/Downloads/rating_rules.pdf <- just for reference if you do decide to ;D

  • Reply Rebekah Roberts August 8, 2017 at 12:45 pm

    Welcome to the EXO dark side… we have happy viruses and grumpy DO. 😉
    I have to agree with you guys about how great this new album is. And Xiumin looks so so pretty in the video.

    Wanted to say a couple of things about trigger warnings: First, great topic. Love that your ladies aren’t scared to talk about tougher topics. Great episode! And good discussion…
    So, Certain triggers like the Cherry mentioned, such as for epilepsy, have to do with health concerns and that should be taken into consideration by someone posting or re-posting content, however in the case of say Stephanie’s list, she is not the creator of the content nor is she even re-posting it but rather giving viewers a list that they can take and do with as they wish. I feel in this case the responsibility should lay on the creators or site owners and even reviewers of the content to give warnings.
    I would like to say that when someone is triggered by content it doesn’t always mean that it just made them uncomfortable… it could have caused panic attacks or even self-harm and shouldn’t be taken lightly, and once again the creators and re-posters of content should give some form of warning, (Like the US rating system that will give a general reason for why they rated the content in this way.) Or at the very least don’t give misleading description (making something sound G rated when it is in actuality closer to MC-17). Reviews also should have some responsibility toward the reader to give a full feel for what they are watching… because that’s why you read a review to find out more about the story.
    However, that being said, if someone has extreme reactions to triggers, they should also take responsibility and not just read any fic or scroll through anyone’s tumbler. As someone who can be triggered into a panic attacks by violence against women or children…. I feel it should be a joint effort by myself and the creators/posters/re-posters to think about how this content will effect others and ourselves.
    But once again, in Stephanie’s case, she had not seen the movie, nor was she re-posting it, so the responsibility was not hers.
    The only gray area would be in the cases where Stephanie recommends content… then she is putting herself in more of a reviewer role, but in my 2 years of listening to the podcast (dang has it been that long?!) you have always proved trust worthy to point out content that made you uncomfortable and therefore helped us know a better idea of whether this or that is right for us. And I have always really appreciated that about you both!!

    And I agree with Cherry that someone can warn their viewers/readers without having to go by the standard trigger warning labels… and you guys already do that!
    Anyways… thanks ladies!!

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