Musical Monday – Because Sara Told Me To

Posted by Alix on July 24, 2017


Sara and I jetted off to Chicago very very early Friday morning to meet up with KpopontheDL and friends to see GDragon in concert. I’ll let Sara share the details but suffice it to say that she was too tired (also known as too lazy) to come up with a new artist for today’s post, much less find the energy to write it. When I suggested she cover EXO’s new release her very generous response was “Why don’t you write it?” Sara doesn’t share my same fondness of EXO and knowing I wouldn’t like what she would write (I’ve been listening to her comments all week), I said “Okay, I’ll give it a shot.”

Sara’s main complaint has been that it’s too formulaic and as much as it pains me to admit she is correct BUT for me that’s why I keep coming back to EXO. I saw them in April and was surprised to realize that I knew so much more of their music than I had ever imagined. Turns out they are a go to group for me when I need music to counteract the crazy that sometimes accompanies life. EXO just makes me happy and with their fourth album The War and especially KoKo Bop they didn’t disappoint. As the lead song, KoKo Bop is pure summer Kpop fun. With a catchy beat and chorus as well as a well-blended mix of vocals and rapping, you can’t help but feel like summer is so much more than just trying to stay cool. The song appears simple and straightforward on the first listen but I can tell you that after listening to it on repeat for most of the week it has layers that don’t appear right away. Listen closely at about 2’25”, Chanyeol’s yoyo interspersed within the vocals…not really sure what to say, but it’s perfect to me. The accompanying music video is like what I imagine a good high or an acid trip would be (and that was imagined, never tried). There are parts that make sense and then parts that just make you go “ohhh.” The styling of a couple of the members leaves something to be desired (I’m so sorry Baekhyun, that mullet nearly ruined the whole comeback for me) but overall it’s the EXO music video that we’ve come to expect…sharp dancing and trippy theatrics.

EXO, KoKo Bop

And because I’m a nice person and heady with the power that Sara has given me, I’ve also thrown in the video for their live comeback performance of The Eve, the first song off the album. From this, it’s obvious that EXO is going for a more mature image…you might want to close your office door so your coworkers don’t hear your gasps.

EXO, The Eve (Live Comeback)


This is Sara.

I am going to step in here with some facts to clear up any misconception that I wiled away my weekend lazily ignoring my responsibilities. 1) Alix and I flew into Chicago VERY early on Friday morning to meet up with a contingent from the Nerd Herd and stayed up late for the GD concert that night. 2) We spent the whole day Saturday with my cousin and his wife walking from brewery to pub drinking all sorts of yummy, sleep inducing beverages. 3) Alix flew home Saturday and got to sleep in her own bed and hang in her own house all day Sunday while I stayed up until 2 in the morning eating Peking Duck and watching Zoolander 2 and old Portlandia episodes in Chicago…not getting home until Sunday night. It was NOT that I was too lazy to write this post, it was that I was LIVING MY LIFE. 4) I like SOME EXO. I just find them a bit….eh…sometimes. This release is fine, but I wanted so much more than fine after the lovely that was Lucky One and Monster. 5) I did not complain abou the song all week…I gave my review and moved on to shiny new things.

But you love the hell out of that release, Alix. I love to see you happy in your music.


  • Reply Stephanie July 24, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    I can not stop listening to this song. AND IT’S EXO. What has my life come to?

  • Reply Liz C July 25, 2017 at 12:10 am

    a) thank you for pointing out the yo yo yo’s. I already liked the song, but this makes it better.
    b) I may be the one person alive who likes Baekyun better with the mullet
    c) the inevitable supercut of the body rolls from every single performance of The Eve is going to be the best video of 2017.

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