Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Can’t Believe It

Posted by SaraG on July 27, 2017


Go to songs are like comfort food. You keep them around your house and snack on them whenever you need relief from stress or to celebrate a success. You know the kids or your friends or your visiting parents will enjoy them no matter what because in some ways, the songs have become synonymous with you. They love you, so they love the songs too…even when they don’t really love the songs for the perfect little gems they are.

The song Okey Dokey done by Mino (Winner) and Zico (Block B and solo work) – like I need to give further explanation of who either of these precious gents are – is a major comfort song for me. When I write a blog post I play the video on Youtube over and over and over the whole time I’m writing. Sometimes it gets repetitive and frankly, I get a little annoyed. I often don’t listen to the song again for a few days just to cleanse my palate. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this little obsessive viewing with this particular diddy though. I can literally listen to it at almost any time in any mood over and over and over. I don’t know what it is or why, but I just love it.


I do know what it is. It’s Zico. And Mino. and Zico and Mino TOGETHER. And the annoying chorus of na na na na. It’s that the lyrics in English can be played around with to make stupid inside jokes sooooo easily. My seven-year-old runs around saying “is it drool? YES!” and I know exactly what she’s referencing…because she’s hilarious and just as much a 12-year-old boy as I am. While I was pondering what I should write about this week, wanting to avoid the obvious choice of GD after the concert or trying to be all bendy with my throwback guidelines AGAIN, the spawn in question actually looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “Okey Dokey, mom, obviously. Now turn it on in the car while we drive to clarinet lessons.”

Curses. She’s right. I’m an idiot for never having shared this before. It really is a perfect song. I love it. My kids love it. Pretty darned sure my friends love it…or the ones that count…and weirdly, my parents love it too. But I have the coolest parents, so of course they love it.

So yeah, no depth in this post, just me kowtowing to the gods of a perfect hiphop/pop song.


Zico and Mino, Okey Dokey

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  • Reply SpiceAngel July 27, 2017 at 9:08 am

    “Obviously” 🙂

    I love Okey Dokey!! I enjoyed Almost all the songs that Zico and Mino did for SMTM. Maybe they will collaborate some more. !!YES!!

    Speaking of NaNa’s I am currently obsessed with NCT127’s Cherry Bomb.
    On first hearing I was so put off by ‘if your happy and you know it clap your hands’. (Vacation Bible School flashbacks) But now I can’t stop singing it. I appreciate the ‘yo’ added at the end. ‘If your happy and you know it clap your hands, yo!’

    Speaking of GD, I am glad your were able to go see him. My favorite throwback back songs of his are MichiGo and Crayon.

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