Khottie of the Week: Nam Joo-Hyuk

Posted by KpopontheDL on July 29, 2017

Khottie of the Week

Nam Joo-Hyuk has been on everybody’s radar recently.  It seems like the model/actor is everywhere.  In fact, there have already been a ton of this very type of post – “Look how pretty he is!” – but since I am not immune to his charms, you get one more!  Anybody complaining?

A lot of criticism has been lobbed at his acting.  I’ve seen almost everything he’s done and I don’t think he’s all that bad for a Kdrama actor. Lets be real here for a minute… The acting in like, 95% of the Kdramas out there is not amazing.  This is what happens when you value looks over talent.  If they’re not underacting, they’re overacting.  Because of the drama system, many of them are basically learning on the job, at warp speed. So, considering he started as a model, he’s not terrible for this early on his career.

The benefit of him starting as a model?  LOTS of pretty pictures.  Though I have serious doubts about those shoes.

And he appears not to mind showing off what the gods (and a lot of diet and exercise) gave him.

His look stays pretty classic –  short, dark hair – but I guess you don’t mess with perfection?

For Bride of the Water God he’s got the currently popular “wolf” haircut, that is basically a mullet.  This is a picture of his hair, please concentrate.

However, I’m not going to hold that against the stylists because they also did this for us. Wow.
But I admit I’m still pretty enamored with his boyfriend look.

And how he looks with a corgi. They’re both smiling!  So cute!

Nothing deep this week you guys!  Nam Joo Hyuk is pretty, he’s working on his acting craft, he appears to be really a charming guy (as evidenced by the dog’s obvious delight).  That’s all I got.  Hopefully, you didn’t need me to answer any burning Khottie questions.  See you next week!

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    “This is a picture of his hair, please concentrate.” HAHA!!!!! Love it!!! -Rebekah Roberts (the signature app is not working.)

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