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Posted by SaraG on August 7, 2017


I love waking up to a whole list of notifications on my phone with links to videos I haven’t seen yet by artists I love and new groups that my friends think I might be into…It’s one of the bonuses of not living on the East Coast and having West Coast Night Owls in my life…they are up and trolling the day’s releases long before I’m even thinking about crawling out of bed. This past week there were several recommendations of note. It was kind of hard to decide whom I wanted to share with everyone. I considered including more than one video, but at least three of the songs deserved to be put on a pedestal all by themselves. I promise to mention the others at the end so you know what to look for after you’ve watch this sixty or seventy times.  

N.Flying, a Korean group on the same label as FT Island, made their actual debut way back in 2013 in Japan. When you listen to them, where they come from makes sense. They are a smaller group, play actual, real live instruments, and have a pop/rock feel. The bassist was actually the original bassist for CNBlue but left the band just after their debut due to personal reasons (can’t complain…left the way for Lee Jung Shin…more on him another day). It took a couple of years for N.Flying to actually make their Korean debut because their leader sustained a knee injury and things were delayed. When they actually did come out, it wasn’t to much fan fair. I admit to barely registering their existence. I had heard of them, but I never sought them out and certainly wasn’t tracking their releases. At all.

FNC Entertainment announced that as part of their summer 2017 comeback, The Real, that, Produce101 Season 2 contestant Yoo Hoe Seung would be joining the group. I don’t know if it was the new member, the actual song, the delightful video, or some magic fairy dust they stumbled into, but this comeback is fantastic. It has the perfect combination of pop with layers, self-aware humor, absurdity, and good looks to ensnare me for life. I love the styling. Including the matching nautical uniforms with socks pulled up. I have full on fantasies about the whispered final lyrics.

Look at that red hair. For real. It’s perfection.


N.Flying, The Real

A second song that caught my fancy this week was Sorry by The Rose, a very new indie group that pretty much was immediately added to my ‘must stalk’ list. I’ve been checking every day to see if they’ve been added to iTunes. No luck to this point. So far, it’s Bette Midler over and over and over. I’ve also been bingeing Jang Hyun Seung’s song Home. So pretty. So so pretty. Yong Hwa, of CNBlue released a solo song, That Girl, with Loco. It’s charming and has been added to my Summer Songs playlist. And finally, only because you don’t need a list of a dozen songs I enjoyed, check out Winner’s new release, Love Me Love Me. The pre-release photos were…not good, but the actual styling and the video are fantastic. Hoony has a tiny ponytail. It’s lovely. The song is better than I had anticipated and I am so glad about it. They’ve had such a hard time gaining traction within their own label that I want to see them put out consistently great songs to give YG a bit of a middle finger.

Yet another great week in the summer of 2017. It’s been an outstanding summer.

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  • Reply SpiceAngel August 7, 2017 at 10:00 am

    Thanks for the recommendations!!

    I ‘really really’ like Winner. I am unimpressed with YG management skills. They have so much talent ‘locked in the basement’. I just want more!!

    When YG was doing to survival show between winner and ikon. I enjoyed Ikon the best. But since they both came out, I enjoy Winners music better.

    We noticed in the past live show videos they updated their stage names. Yoon, Jinu, Hoony and Mino didn’t need any adjustments.

    They did that with ikon also.


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