Throwback (Musical) Thursday – May Was Awhile Ago

Posted by SaraG on August 10, 2017


I’ve kind of been in a CNBlue mood lately. This in itself is somewhat odd. I really like their stuff, but I think that I like their studio releases more in theory than in actual practice. They are obviously talented and their songs are catchy, but the balance between rock and pop swings a little more toward cute than driving so I haven’t gotten obsessed with any particular track. I’ve been told that I would absolutely love them live. That it’s a whole different side of CNBlue that will have me looking for specific things in their songs and make me a bigger fan. One day, boys, one day.

So the reason for the mood? It’s three fold. First, Yong Hwa’s newest solo stuff is so good…I mentioned it last week and hope you took a listen. I have one of his songs on my currently favorite playlist and absolutely cheer when it pops up. Second, three of the Denver contingent recently watched Fluttering India and Jonghyun was so much more than I had anticipated. He was charming and quirky and someone I’d totally hang out with, and possibly make out with at a party. Possibly. And third, Lee Jung Shin is on my potential UB list. I love me a bass player (even married one)…especially one with ears like that. And those lips. And his acting. And everything about him. I started watching the newest rendition of My Sassy Girl recently just to see Lee Jung Shin…mostly in an attempt to get over Nam Tae Hyun. (Didn’t work.) Watching him regularly made me want to hear him regularly. Hence the CNBlue mood. I feel bad that Minhyuk was the only one that wasn’t a reason…so he can be number four, but I’m just not talking about it.

CNBlue is one of those bands (and I feel comfortable saying band here instead of group because they play the actual music on actual instruments) that releases stuff in Japan on the regular. Upside? Lot’s of cool songs in a slightly different style that may appeal to a different set of listeners. Downside? It can be hella hard to get Japanese stuff in the US. Unless they release it as part of an album in Korea, we can’t get it through a lot of our streaming sites. Japan has their own sites, even their own iTunes. Unless you stalk them on Youtube, you might never know that some of these gems were even released. Shake is one of those singles.

Yong Hwa and Jonghyun wrote this song together with a couple of other musicians they met…at a song camp. That’s all I know about that, but I WANT to know more. Who wouldn’t want to know more about CNBlue at a song camp? Jonghyun has said that he approached this project by putting himself in the mindset of an office worker, recognizing how much he’d hate it. He wanted to cheer up office workers with this bright song.

This video is much like working in my office…people in business attire dancing all over. Confetti. Only we’re more casual. With less rhythm. And it’s quieter because people are always on conference calls. So yeah, not like my office. But like how I imagine my office should be. If I don’t want to get any work done.


CNBlue, Shake


  • Reply Lori Morgan August 10, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    I agree that they are much better live. We saw them at Kcon NY and they were beyond awesome. Yong Hwa totally owned the stage. I had sort of forgotten about them since I fell head over heels for Day6 so seeing them renewed my love for them.

    • Reply SaraG August 10, 2017 at 10:45 pm

      Yay!! I will see them one day, I’m sure. And then for like a month I’ll only talk about Lee Jung Shin

  • Reply Brenda August 18, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    I really liked their earlier songs, but I’ve been iffy about their more recent light pop sound. I guess I like that old fashioned rock and roll they used to do.

    • Reply SaraG August 22, 2017 at 9:24 am

      Do they have a different sound in Japan than they put out in Korea? Just our of curiosity…I’ve never gotten super into them because it all sounded a little light to me. What songs do you recommend I check out?

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