Throwback (Musical) Thursday – When Wishing Really Hard Works

Posted by SaraG on August 17, 2017


Because I am a responsible adult with a household, children, and debilitating student loans, I had to make the heartbreaking decision between going to G Dragon in Chicago or to KCon LA this year. I chose G Dragon, the steak dinner, over the cocktail party of KCon because I wanted to be able to bask in all of his glory before he ships off to the military in the next year. It was rough, but I made the choice and felt that I had made the right one for me. That does not, however, mean that I wasn’t just a smidge sad over knowing that my friends were going to see a few songs each from some of the artists I have been lusting after for the last couple of years. I was totally jelly and I own it.

What do you do when you want something so bad? You wish really, really hard for it until it happens. That’s my tactic, and, weirdly, it often works out. I don’t recommend it for everyone or for everything, but I’m super lucky and probably saved as many villages as I destroyed in a past life. So, yeah, I wished really hard and both GD and KCon are a thing. A thing I am doing. Thanks a million times over to my own little angel, Stephanie.

Heize and Dean, And July

One of the artists I am most excited about seeing is Heize. She is a spectacular vocalist and rapper and the image she puts out there is of a tough and lovely woman to be reckoned with. I find that her voice blends well with almost anyone with which she chooses to collaborate. However, my absolute favorite pairing is Heize and Dean. Their voices, their aesthetic, and their respective singing styles are a perfect blend. I want Dean to be at KCon too.

I’m going to wish really, really hard to make that happen. If it does, you can thank me there. I’ll be the one that looks like me and is probably being held back by Alix from looking like a crazy person, snuggling with KpopontheDL in the corner, or laughing my ass off with Stephanie over something dumb we just did together…with no regret.

Heize and Dean, Shut up and Groove

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