Musical Monday – I Touched an Idol and I Liked It

Posted by SaraG on August 21, 2017


For many of the the Nerd Herd, this is our first time attending KCon LA and it’s quite different from KCon NY (or NYAdjacent for those of us with any geographical knowledge). First, it’s inside and there’s all sorts of AC blasting…I brought a sweater and this pleases me. Second, the panels are so much better when you can hear them because they aren’t in a tent next to another tent where someone is performing. And there were more panels…lots more.  And third, there was a lot more merch for sale. Not enough of the crap I wanted to buy, but a lot more. And finally, there seemed to be an attempt to make the show a bit more interactive, well rounded, and paired down so you could enjoy the performances…not a lot of fluff to block the dancing. Airbnb Bedmate Alix particularly enjoyed the rotating MC’s.

All in all, I’m having a great time. Part of that is being with the Nerd Herd, but I think the Con folk are doing a really great job.

I made the strategic decision (totally forgot to do it) to not write this week’s Musical Monday until I got to LA so I could work it up with the help of Alix, KpopontheDL, and one of her KBs, Emma. But who, WHO were we going to write about since none of the the groups performing have released anything super recently? (Acknowledging that Cosmic Girls did release a CF in the not too distant past.)The decision was made quickly and organically after a frenzied morning of audience engagement wheeling and dealing and cash money trading hands. The four of us all got SF9 High Touches.

The new part of Musical Monday this week is not the actual music, but the experience. KpopontheDL and Emma got to hold the hands of two High Touch virgins and pull us into the magical world of idol touching. I don’t mean touching idols in a creepy, stalker way, but rather in the supportive pressing of palms that transfers our loving energy into the needy bodies of our true loves. We have many true loves. Thank all that is good and pure that love is not a finite resource or most of the herd would be nothing but a dry husk at this point.

SF9, being an idol group full of spectacular dancers, are just as known for their covers of popular songs and choreography as they are for their own stuff. They don’t mess with it either, they do the straight song and dance just like the originals and kinda rock it so hard that I tend to love it with equal fervor.

SF9, KCon Japan Special Stage

As a group with three, on average, decent rappers, their singles have a bit of a harder sound than some of the other groups coming out these days. Of course, they do have the obligatory ballads and softer songs on their albums. Their mix of styles does include a song that KpopontheDL wants to rollerskate to. But not just rollerskate, she needs someone to ask her to couples skate to it. It will make her day in so many ways when this happens. WHEN.

With the exception of Chani, the maknae, the members are slightly older than the average rookie group which is nice. Well, nice for us noonas anyway. Don’t get me wrong, they’re young, but there are some Khottie eligible idols here…in more ways than one.

Alix and KpopontheDL have been steadily falling in love with this group since their debut last year and I’ve been watching as they throw pictures back and forth in our group chat, learning the members inadvertently and kind of falling in love with my own SF9 bias. I don’t need to put his name out there because I share, but Alix wants it made clear that Zuho is a taken man.

Please, feel free to fall in love too.

SF9, Fanfare


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