KHottie of the Week: Mystical being of Unicorns Choice

Posted by Stephanie on August 27, 2017

Khottie of the Week

Standing in line to get into the concert with the Mystical Being Of Unicorns we realize we needed a Khottoe post. Who better to choose? MBoU herself! Here’s some straight talking about Khotties straight from the unicorn’s mouth…

Min Yoongi

“I want to give him a warm cup of drink, put him in a blanket, and pat him on the head.”

Lee Jung Suk

“What’s with this pose? Please stop. Get this out of my face. There’s too much happening in this photo.”


“I love him so much. My soulmate. My first and only.”

Park Bo Gum

“He’s so talented and beautiful – I want to die.”

Park Jimin

“I love him and his cheeks and his smile and his eyes and his LAUGH and his

T H I G H S.”

Yoo Ah In

“I honestly didn’t know someone could be this versatile and attractive and talented. He’s so gorgeous and I’m weak.”

Song Joong Ki

“I’ve loved him since the first time I saw him. He’s wonderful and charismatic. Jesus, I love him.”

Ji Chang Wook

“Words cannot describe the stars in my eyes when I think of him. He’s wonderful. 10/10 would stan again.”


“At first I was dubious about him because I thought he was too cocky. I was wrong. Well, I was right, but he’s so much more. I love him. He’s mine.”

Jackson Wang

“He’s such a puppy. There’s no doubt in my mind that if I threw a ball he would fetch it. And he’s really hot. So there’s that too I guess.”


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