Holy Hoya!

Posted by Stephanie on August 30, 2017

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Word has just been released that Hoya, member of Infinite and Wollem entertainment, has decided to no longer be part of Infinite and Woollim Entertainment. Holy Hola Fudge.

Can’t say I saw this coming. Can’t say any of us did. 

There are times where you can see band members leaving the band. You know, they get a little bigger then, start doing a lot more solo stuff, start focusing more on acting than music… Then there are those times where something will just come out of nowhere. Apparently, the contracts for all of the members of Infinite were up in June and all of them decided to re-sign with the exception of Sir Hoya.

Wonder what those meetings were like. Wonder what was the reasonings were behind his leaving. Does he want to break out on his own? Do more music? I for one wouldn’t mind seeing him do more acting. I’ve said this time and time again, I thought he killed it in Answer Me 1997 and I can’t believe he hasn’t done more work. He should be if not a regular side player then at least a solid B-guy by now. Come on, he totally has the face of the good guy who the heroine should choose and yet never does.

My question is though, was Woollim actually holding him back? Were they saying no you can’t act? Or put out solo music? I mean L, from the same group acts, I want to say all the time but I’m going to pull that back and say at least pretty frequently. Could he be doing this because he wants to get out of the idol game? Huh. As my dad would always say “Hard telling not knowing.” We’re not going to know what happened. We’re not going to know the real whys. All we can do is keep an eye out and hope for the best. The best for Hoya and whatever he wants, or decides to do, the best for Infinite and those who are left behind.


Fun side note? Google Hoya and what you get is pages and pages of this:

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