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Posted by Stephanie on September 5, 2017

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It’s not often I’m all ‘woohoo’ actress signed up for a new role. I feel bad about that. But can I change it? Well, if it hasn’t happened yet, I can’t imagine it’s going to magically begin anytime soon. Except. Woohoo, an actress signed up for a new drama! Fairly certain we featured Jung Ryeo Won in a previous episode of What’s Happening With (huh, it’s been a while, I wonder what’s happening with What’s Happening With?) wondering what she’s been up to and now — she’s just signed up for a new drama. 

Jung Ryeo Won, who, though I love, I can never actually remember her name, the actress who, whenever we play who would you on the podcast, both Cherry and I suddenly remember she exists and then go on and on about how we loved her in King of Dramas and History of a Salaryman. That being true, I’m super excited to see her finally come back in a drama. Her last drama was Bubblegum from two years ago (might as well be 10 in the dog years of drama) which I still have never seen.

The drama in the works is a law themed drama called (for now) Don’t Trust Her. She plays a hard-ball prosecutor working with a sex crimes task force. For some reason, I’m thinking her as the prosecutorial version of Detective Olivia Bennett from Law & Order SVU. Which, while the rational part of my brain says ‘this show isn’t going to be anything like that’ the irrotational part of my brain, the part which usually takes over says ‘this is so exciting! I really want to see this sort of show!’.

Currently signed on to co-star is Yoon Hyun Min who, also for a nice turn around of routine, I have no idea who he is. Let’s take a look… Hey! Turns out I do know who this guy is, he was in Cruel City, Falling For Innocence, and lately, Tunnel. Yep, I believe I’m going to allow the irrational part of my brain to keep control and stay excited about this show. We’ll see if the excitement holds as this show isn’t due to hit the tv until October — and that’s only if the strike doesn’t run amuck with the schedule.

Whatever the case, watch, don’t watch, I’m just glad that she’s coming back to tv because I really do think that she is an exceptional actress, one who should be way busier than she is.

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