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Posted by SaraG on September 11, 2017


I was an early adopter of streaming content. I don’t have cable and haven’t in almost a decade. I rarely watch American television and even when I do, I don’t see commercials. I don’t pay attention to what American celebrity has a deal with which brand. So maybe, just maybe, I’m missing out on a whole lot of really great songs that were made for specific advertising campaigns. But as I remember it, American and European artists tend to sell the rights to a specific song they have already written, recorded, and released to a product or service and then it gets played out all over the place. This is not the case in Korean Entertainment.

Introducing, the CF.

A Commercial Film, or CF, is a piece of content starring Kpop or Kdrama stars used to advertise a product or brand. They can be cute, silly, completely surreal, or amazingly solid. There have been tons of ridiculous concepts that have been done by our poor Korean celebrities to make a buck and increase name recognition. Think Big Bang partnering with Baskin Robbins and all of their over the top Christmas fun….if you haven’t seen it…I gift one of the clips to you now.

Or how about AKMU in their Bingsu CF?

And lord knows BTS has a million CF’s out there…totally worth looking them up. I’m not including them because I know there are a large chunk of folks that will look at one clip and fall down a YouTube rabbit hole of BTS content and miss out on the video I actually want to share with you. It happened to me…for just a small chunk of time…while trying to write this post.

In the last couple of years, there have been some absolutely phenomenal songs released as a CF. You can’t buy them and they aren’t usually made available through streaming services. They are straight up advertisements and it hurts when you really want to hear that ad just one more time (over and over and over) but you have to get in your car or you’re sitting at your desk and aren’t allowed to stream videos at work.

Dean’s recent Puma CF, Run the Streets, is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. It’s an upbeat R&B song that would actually be the perfect addition to a workout playlist. The video is beautiful…with the exception of the fact that Dean is wearing all Puma gear, you wouldn’t even know it was an ad. It’s all sweeping shots of Seoul at night and comfy sneakers and hoodies. I’ve watched the video a very good portion of the 1.5 million times it’s been viewed so I can verify that statement as accurate.

Now I feel like buying Puma. And Dean’s songs. And seeing Dean live. While wearing PUMA.

Darn it, the CF worked.


Puma X Dean, Run the Streets

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