Khottie of the Week: Kwak Si Yang

Posted by Alix on September 23, 2017

Khottie of the Week

I’m almost two years into living the #klife life and I have yet to move a drama from my Currently Watching list to the Dropped list. As a result there a number of dramas sitting on the currently watching list that have been there for months as I am not ready to admit defeat. One of these dramas that have been sitting unwatched for months is Second to Last Love. I had picked it up sometime last fall when I decided it was time to watch a drama with actors who are actually older than me and a storyline that might resemble reality (but never to closely). I flew through the first 8 or so episodes and then life happened and I stopped, always meaning to come back to it. I finally did a couple of weeks ago and am a few episodes from the end. Overall it’s fine but what has really kept me around and pushing hard for the finish line (hopefully this weekend) is our B lead, Kwak Si Yang.

Kwak Si Yang has been around for a couple of years, playing, for the most part supporting roles and guest bits. You might recognize him as the landlord’s son in Fight My Way where his role was never clear but I think we can all agree we wanted to see more of him. In perusing his filmography on MyDramaList he’s had some notable roles, most specifically in the LGBTQ movie Night Flight. Stephanie hasn’t seen it but she did say Cherry liked it so I would say that’s a good recommendation.

It was his smile that first caught my attention in Second to Last Love, how can you not be caught?

Just in case you missed it the first time have another quick look.

There’s no way you could have missed it by now but I’ll throw in that he’s tall in addition to a great smile.

As you hopefully saw in Fight My Way he does cold and distant too…if you didn’t go watch it.

In case you weren’t convinced look again.

In doing my research (I love that I get to call looking at photos research), I discovered that he was on We Got Married with Kim So Yeon. They looked so good together I couldn’t resist including it here.

And then I discovered he did a lot of modeling and stumbled across this photo shoot with Hani from EXID. He consistently makes his partner look good, a trait we can all admire.

And how can you do Khottie without the obligatory abs shot? Even with all his modeling, this was hard to find so I hope you all appreciate the effort.

He takes a good selca/selfie, always an important skill. I liked that he looks so not like his other pictures.

Showing his historical good looks through a supporting role in Mirror of the Witch.

The lip bite…not sure what else there is to say.

One last peek before we say goodbye.

If you want to keep a closer eye on him you can follow him on Instagram @siyang87k.





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