Come Back OKC, Come Back!

Posted by Stephanie on September 25, 2017


If you are a member of the OKC and are wondering “Whatever happened to us?” or “Don’t they love us anymore?” or “Eh, I never watched the dramas anyway”, to you I say, don’t worry, not only have we not forgotten about you, we also feel TERRIBlE about the state of affairs.

Except for you in the last bunch, you’re being a dick. 

For those of you who are new here and have no idea what I’m talking about, or are a member of the OKC and haven’t noticed a difference, here’s the lowdown.

OKC is a group we started a few years ago with the primary (or heck even solitary) purpose of watching dramas together and talking about them on set days. We started to a few, grew to some more, and then became many, so many so that we turned it into a secret group to keep the membership more managable. (If you aren’t a member and would like to be one, good thing you know people in high places… just message Cherry Cordial on Facebook and she will add you in.)

Anywhoo… we decided what to watch together, as a team… or with votes, first the theme poll and then the drama poll. Then on two days, Monday and Thursday, we’d discuss that week’s episodes. Sounds like fun? Well that’s because it totes was! (Do people still stay totes? If I’m saying it then probably not….) Discussing dramas, looking inside, opening up the hood, poking around, and seeing how the parts worked (or didn’t work) together was fun! Then on the off days, other K-related chats would happen. Also fun.

But then, perhaps how we got bigger, or just life in general, drama chats seemed to be the lesser of what we did. It’s no one’s fault it just happened. A loyal core still stuck it through, however, even for us admins it was hard as our schedules changed, jobs changed, and  we just couldn’t keep an eye on it as we once did, promoting or managing the chats.

Then after our last round petered out, we kind of dropped the ball. Admins discussed behind the scenes as to what could be done. We talked about adding more moderators, people who would be in charge of chat days, luring them in with the promise of choosing the drama we watch, we talked about just letting it be and become whatever it was becoming. But we didn’t want to do that (the peter out thing not the moderator thing, if you’re interested in that responsiblility, let us know.)

A big part of it was us. We changed. How we watched changed. Making time for this changed. Cherry Cordial and I first bonded over this. I remember back in the day talking with Cherry and LaurieADGirl, deciding on how to set this up, I remember spending hours and hours setting up our massive spreadsheets. I remember chatting dramas with some of my favorite people, people becoming my favorite people because of the OKC. We can’t just let it go.

In an effort to resurect not just the OKC but our commitment to it, Cherry Cordial and I decided to do something we stopped doing a long time ago, watching shows together. Back when we were watching two episodes per chat day, Cherry Cordial would sit there on the phone watching together (with okay, yeah, a good deal of the time Cherry Cordial having to hang up, call me back, to wake me up when I inveitably dozed off. (Cut me some slack! We were watching TWO episodes a night, and we were THREE hours apart — with me being on the wrong end of the time zone stick. )

Our idea is that us watching together, will enthuse our watching, will hold us accountable not only to watch that week’s episode, but to then chat about it the next day. This might just be the kick in the pants not only the OKC needed but, honestly, what my watching needs as well.

So, we’re going to watch together again. Now, I’m sorry to say, we’re goign to be autocratic here. A little dictatorial. A little selfish. We decided, if we’re going to try this, we’re going to watch something we both want to watch together. It still had to be within the relm of the OKC rules (nothing over 24 episodes, nothing currently airing) but, rather than putting it to a vote, we’re just going to chose. Sorry guys. It’s something we think we have to do. It’s not going to be forever, I’m sure we’ll bring voting back, but at least for this round? That’s just how we’re rolling.

We put together a list of shows we both wouldn’t mind watching together, and for a new rule we said it could not be one we’ve already scene. Some of the titles thrown out there? (If you listen to the podcast this is in no way news to you.) Shows like Second To Last Love, Another Miss Oh, Oh My Venus, and Oh My Ghostess. (Hmmm…that’s a lot of ohs.) After tossing it into the random number generator, it turns out the next show we’re going to watch is Oh My Ghostess.

Now, we are going to still be on watching haitus for a while. Cherry is away on vacation for the next week and we want to make sure she’s all fresh and ready to go before starting. So our discussion on episode one will be in 2 weeks, October 10th.

We hope to see you there.


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  • Reply humbledaisy1 September 25, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    I believe that “OH” is the way to go on this show. As in “Oh, what a fine looking actor Lim Ju-hwan is!” Or, “Oh what a funny, sweet girl Kim Seul-gi is!”

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