Musical Monday – And the Brown Hairs

Posted by SaraG on September 25, 2017


Long gone are the days when an artist could write, record, choreograph, and film a single video for a release and call it good. Oh, no. Now an artist or a group has to put together a million different versions of the same song just to keep content hungry creatures satisfied. And I fear, after developing a relationship with Korean Music, I have become one of those content hungry creatures.

This month has been amazing for music. I know I’ve talked about the teasers and posted some of the new releases, but I can say that without out a doubt and being within spitting distance of the end of the month, I have yet to be disappointed by anything that’s come out so far. At least twice a week I’ve woken up to a new official MV I have to watch before I can even tie the laces on my running shoes. Then I have to download the single, EP, mini album, or full album so I can listen to it on repeat for the day to decide how I feel about it. And finally, probably about 24-48 hours later, I have to find all of the different versions of the main release so I can really absorb the myriad of ways one can consume a single song.

Honestly, the release that I’ve been most vigilant in finding everything for has been Pentagon’s Like This. I have shown uncharacteristic motivation in cultivating a relationship with this group over the last year and it has been so unbelievably effective that I, in a very short amount of time, feel almost as strongly about them as I do about BTS. I’m not even sure what it is about them that attracted me in the first place. They are incredibly talented puppies that play well together, build fantastically catchy music (some you can play publically and some you have to hide away…I’m looking at you Gorilla), are all incredible dancers, and really, I repeat, REALLY great at skinship. Hui can’t keep his hands off anyone. But there are a bazillion other Kpop…not to mention American, JPop, European, etc., groups out there that can be described in an extremely similar fashion.

But whatever it is, I have serious chemistry with Pentagon. The new EP, Demo_01, was pretty much exactly what I wanted from this whole month. It’s got dancy numbers, ballads, a couple of rap heavy songs, and even the one I don’t like with the Caribbean beat. It’s got everything. Like This, the main release is one of those songs I’ve put on repeat by itself for hours at a time. I crave it and I’m not shy about feeding that craving. Frankly, if I can’t get a hit of Hui, Jinho, E’Dawn, or Wooseok’s voices on a regular basis, I might go just a bit batty. I don’t necessarily lust after the other’s voices with the same intensity, but it’s there too. I can’t go without any of them. Sigh.

And what’s been even better about this release is the sheer number of versions that have come out to help me pretend that I’m actually watching something different when I sit in front of YouTube for hours at a time. In actuality, it’s literally the same song and choreo from different perspectives or at different…volumes (see ASMR version below). I don’t know who I think I’m fooling, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t working. At. All.

Please, please fall in love with Pentagon so they can come to the US on tour and I can see them. Please? I’ll give you five very different reasons why you should…see the links here.

Pentagon, Like This

I can dissect the crap out of the eye contact version. I’ll refrain, mostly because the only thing you should really notice is how fantastic Hongseok is at looking directly into your soul and how Hui pretty much assumes that he has the right to connect with me on a very personal level.

Pentagon, Like This (Eye Contact)

These single file line videos are pretty much one of my favorite things on the planet. I know I should know what they’re from, but I don’t and I still want to share it even at the risk of looking foolish…that’s how fun they are.

Pentagon, Like This (M2)

Just notice, I implore you, the tiny peaks of tummy you can see from three of the members in the choreo version. It’s like we’ve turned into Victorian men getting all flustered by a bit of ankle.

Pentagon, Like This (Choreography)

And who doesn’t want the whole thing whispered at them??? The WHOLE THING. I got goosebumps, I’ll admit it.

Pentagon, Like This (ASMR)





  • Reply Lori Morgan September 26, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    You’ve got me. I have completely fallen in love with theses guys. They have an incredible vocal line. The rappers are great. The dancing in on point. Especially the choreography for “Like This.” It fits the song so well. I have to watch the video at least once a day (if not more). I love their interactions. They really and genuinely seem to love each other to bits and it makes me love them even more. And Hong Seok is just so perfect. They are climbing up my bias list into BTS and Monsta X territory. We have decided our new mantra is Pentagon is coming to Kcon next year and we are going to get a high touch. We will say it until it happens. It’s the power of positive thinking.

  • Reply SaraG September 30, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    If Pentagon come, I will be there….you can count on me to add my positive thoughts to the cause

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