Jang Dong Gun Returns!

Posted by Cherry Cordial on September 26, 2017

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To tv that is. If you know Jang Dong Gun,  you’ll know he’s one of those actors who likes to stick to movies. The last we saw him was in the swoon-worthy A Gentleman’s Dignity, which was like a million years ago. (In kdrama years) Not only is he coming back to tv, but he’s coming back to tv in a remake of an American TV show. Woohoo!

You know, I’d watch more American dramas if they were Kdrama length. Bite-size baby, bite-size. Nom-nom.

The American show in question is Suits, from the USA network. It centers around a hotshot lawyer who is looking for an associate and ends up landing a genius who has never passed the bar. Or at least didn’t pass the bar for himself, instead, renting himself out as a genius for hire to take the tests for others.

Side question. Do lawyers have to go to law school or can they just take the bar and be done if they pass? I guess the pedigree is in the law school, as I can’t imagine you’re going to get a lot of clients if you don’t. “I’m a genius. No dude, for realz. I passed the bar and everything.” I think I’d go to the next person in the phone book…or more to date, I’d scroll to the next firm on the Google search results.

Anyway, back to the show. I do like these slick con-y shows so, even without the casting of Jang Dong Gun, my ears would be pricked up at the news of this remake. And, for some reason, knowing Jang Dong Gun’s history, something tells me that it was definitely this sort of synopsis would make him look twice at a script. He has this shwarmy con-y air to him (or at least he did in AGD) and a great comedic timing, so I think he’ll be great in this role. (The role of the high-powered lawyer who hires the young kid, not the young kid for obvious reasons — despite his aged down scenes in AGD.)

For the young kid, we’ve got Park Hyung Shik who makes me go — who? (Excuse me, it’s been a while since I’ve watched newer dramas…) A look shows him as being in the recently ended Strong Woman, which I heard mixed reviews on. For a drama with Jang Dong Gun, I’m a little surprised, I would have thought they could have nabbed a bigger named younger actor, (GAH!, wouldn’t Lee Jung Suk have been awesome in this?) Although, I could be wrong, I as I haven’t actually seen the original, maybe I’m just assuming that the young kid will be trixie. It’s a kdrama, maybe he’ll be instead, the eager young man from a bad background just doing whatever he can to help his family. In which case, bring on new guy!

We have a long time to wonder about this show though as, with the strike pushing everything back on an already packed schedule, we’re not going to see this baby until 2018. Yeesh! Bring on Jang Dong Gun!


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  • Reply LizC September 26, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    Excuse me “Park Hyung Shik who?”?!?! (I gasped!)
    He’s actually a great choice for this, he does have buzz coming out of Strong Woman, even if the buzz hasn’t reached everyone 😉 I thought he was great in that and in High Society, so I think he’ll do well as a genius/conman type. The real question is, who is going to play Meghan Markle role?

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