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Posted by Stephanie on October 3, 2017


If you’ve been around here for the last few days, you’ll have noticed a trend, a bit of a Jung Yonghwa trend. Apparently, the ladies of Kchat Jjigae just can’t get enough. (We blame StarPop.) So, figuring I’d continue on with the trend, let’s talk about the drama that the animated Yonghwa keeps blathering on about…his new drama The Package

Even before the petulant AI version of the CNBlue lead singer kept harassing (some might say begging) people to watch his new drama, The Package was on my radar. I first read about it while in the Wikipedia mobile researching for the What’s Happening With… Jung Yonghwa post. The premise is lovely, taking place (all preproduced) in France, a story of a tour guide and presumably one of the members of the trip.

Though it was on my radar, there are a few surprises here. One, the lead is Lee Yeon Hee, who I thought did a great job in Miss Korea where she played a strong and interesting character. From what I hear her acting career has been hit or miss, but since I liked her so much in that drama, I’ll remain looking forward to seeing her again until I see otherwise for myself. It did make me wonder though, isn’t she a bit older than Yonghwa? Really, I have no concept of how old she is, but I want to say she’s in her thirties where Yonghwa has yet to go to the military. While I really like Yonghwa, I have doubts about him being a super strong actor, so I wonder how this will be in a drama. (Plus, isn’t it funny that his bandmate, acting in the currently airing Hospital Ship, is also mid-noona romance?)

Two, and this is where I begin to be okay with the age difference… turns out, it’s not Yonghwa who is the tour guide, it’s actually Lee Yeon Hee. For some reason, I think this dynamic makes the difference work better. He’s a young thing off on a vacation and it’s her job to ferry people around. I’m not sure why that makes it all okay in my head, but there it is.

The last surprise? The writer of this drama actually wrote the movie Pirates — which I loved. Loved. Loved. Loved. This should say lots of good things, right? Well, turns out the writer also wrote some other things, Runaway Plan B, Chuno, the movie, Level 7 Civil Servant and the drama Level 7 Civil Servant. Hmm… THat’s quite the roller coaster ride of titles there. So, the drama could be excellent or terrible.

The teasers make the whole thing seem dreamy and lovely, something that I’m sure will all make us want to take those pennies we’ve saved for that trip to Korea and run off to France. (Heh heh heh… not quite.)

As the show is on one of the smaller networks, JTBC, I’m sure they would be able to take the chance and put out episode upon episode of lovely. (Of course, turns out this is also produced by JYP Films, so this could definitely go another, louder, brasher, slapstick way too — I’m just hoping it doesn’t.)

So virtual Jung Yonghwa, stop flopping on the ground and buck up, I won’t forget your drama starts on October 13th and I do promise to check it out.

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  • Reply Liz C October 4, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    I remember looking up her age during Miss Korea and being surprised at how young she actually was. Yeon-Hee is ’89, Young-Wha is ’88 so it’s a very small age difference.

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