What’s Happening With…Trash Oppa?

Posted by Stephanie on October 10, 2017


Recently the Answer Me series has been on the brain and on the tongues of many of my friend group. People are watching them for the first time, the constant question over which one is best, and of course, the constant dodging of ’88. As my solid favorite is the 94 and (even though I haven’t seen 88) I’m willing to tell anyone who’s willing to listen that it’s the best one and the best hero is, in fact, Trash Oppa.

It makes me wonder…what’s happening To Trash Oppa? (Or, probably a better question…what was his name again?) Sounds like a question for the Wikipedia mobile! 

Turns out his name is Jung Woo (see? I knew Joo Won was wrong, but I just couldn’t shake it.) and after 1994, I really thought he was poised to take kdrama hero-dom by storm. And, if I strain my brain to remember, he was in one of those flower boy variety shows (one of the travel ones) but since then, I haven’t heard a peep. There was a time where word was going around about an Answer Me curse, which I sneered at, but maybe he is the actual victim…

First thing that strikes me that Jung Woo? Younger by me. Not by much but enough that it stings just a bit.

Awww… since 2013’s 1994 (good lord, has it been that long? It doesn’t seem like it.) he was in a movie called Red Family, where he met his wife and then in ’16 got married. Yep, let’s say it all together….awwww….

Actually, 2013 was a busy year for him, he starred in 1994, in Red Family and the family drama You’re the Best Lee Shoon Shin (well, a side character). So we know he can be busy, let’s see what he’s been filling his years since!

Turns out? He’s moved to film. He’s remained super busy, but now spends his time churning out movie after movie. C’est Si Bon, The Himalayas, New Trial, Heung-bu, Fifth Column, and Good Neighbor to be exact. Now that I’m seeing the list, I think I may have heard of The Himalayas, but that’s it. (I just don’t love Korean movies as much as I do the dramas.)

While I’m happy he’s doing well, staying busy, employed — especially since he now has a family to feed, but I do miss him in dramas. I guess he’s too much the guy next door to be a real contender for being a Kdrama hero, but I personally love a guy next door hero so I’d love to see more of him.

Or maybe it’s not so much Jung Woo I want to see in a drama again, but instead would rather just seeing episode upon episode of Trash Oppa.


  • Reply SpiceAngel October 10, 2017 at 6:19 am

    One day I will get around to watching the Answer Me series. 😉

  • Reply Lady G. October 11, 2017 at 12:30 am

    His Reply 94 was the only one I saw because I like Go Ah Ra and I liked his character. But I’m not a fan of the series as a whole.

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