Black Night. Um. Knight.

Posted by Stephanie on October 11, 2017

Casting News

A runner-up for What’s Happening With really could have been Kim Rae Won as I was just thinking about him, wondering what he’d been up to as of late. It seemed there for a while that he was a big leading man in drama land, focusing on the power-weepers. Then… nothing. Just s in a What’s Happening With I’m sure it’s just because I haven’t been looking in the right places. But since he didn’t become a What’s Happening With… I’ll just get to the point — he’s going to be in a new drama!

I’m not sure honestly why I’ve always kept an eye out for the actor, I wonder if it’s because he his looks remind me a teeny bit like my least favorite actor, but also because I really liked him in the fairly terrible drama, My Love Patzzi. He was good, drama was not. (Hey, I just remembered he was also in the terrible Attic Cat! Why? Why again do I like him?)

The drama he’s considering is called Black Knight which is supposed to be a supernatural romance about a couple who spans centuries. Reincarnation? Time Loop? Vampires? Too soon to tell. The writing/directing team previously worked on Unkind Women, which I didn’t watch, but I’m pretty sure Cherry did and really liked. And if Cherry liked something, we know that is the mark of quality. Except for Answer Me 1988. (Just kidding, Cherry!)

If he does actually sign onto the drama, they do have a leading lady in mind, Shin Se Kyun who is fresh off the (many would say very disappointing) Bride of the Water God. A quick look tells me that the reason she looks so familiar to me is that she was in Tazza 2 with T.O.P. I’m not sure if it is indicative of her work but there she was a little stiff, but serviceable.

All this aside, an actor I don’t know if I like, an actress I don’t know if I like, and a writer/director team I’ve never watched before, for some reason this show keeps poking at me and I’m going to keep an eyeball out for it. As the show isn’t planning on hitting the tv-waves until December, we’ve got plenty of time to make up our minds.

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