Musical Monday – Forever is a Long Time

Posted by SaraG on October 16, 2017


Anyone in for a little heartbreak? The enduring love kind? The time after the happily ever after of a great romance? The story of the man and woman so in love that their relationship persists despite the inevitable challenges of age and illness? We in the KEntertainment world are all too familiar with the struggle to find our hero or heroine’s one true love and the grit it takes to cling to that person despite all of the challenges that fate or the evil parents throw their way. But we completely ignore what happens 50 years down the line when the honeymoon is over and life has, as it always will, begun to take its toll.

HA:TFELT, also knows as Park Ye-Eun formerly of the Wonder Girls, released two singles this week that explore these later years of a relationship, together and apart, beautifully. The two music videos are related, carrying the story to an increasingly painful place, but I know I couldn’t look away from the screen. The songs themselves are classic female singer-songwriter fare. They are enjoyable…the type of song that makes me wish I could speak Korean so I could sing along prettily. But the videos are really what made them stand out for me during this week of more and more solid releases (see Seventeen’s Vocal Unit, SF9, TRCNG, Nu’est, etc.).

The way the story weaves through time and plays with the characters isn’t new, but isn’t explored enough to be trite either. I certainly haven’t seen this in Kpop much…and I’m not entirely sure that I would even call this Kpop. It’s actually just solid music done by a Korean singer. I don’t have a lot to say because I don’t want to tell you what to feel when you watch them. But please, drop a line in the comments and let me know what you think when you do.

As much as these squeeze the heart, they are easier to take than The Unit, so there’s that.

HA:TFELT, Read Me (Ft. Punchnello)


HA:TFELT, I Wander (Ft. Gaeko)

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