Posted by Stephanie on October 17, 2017

Casting News

How is it possible that the Hong Sister’s drama STILL doesn’t have a main lead? I just read an article that they just signed on Cha Seung Won. Umm…I thought they had at least that shizzel nailed down like a million years ago! And Lee Seung Gi is still listed as ‘thinking about it’? I’m guessing the Hong Sisters are wishing he’d hurry the heck up as we’re just a few months away from the premiere date, and the fact that the lead role is still lingering? Yeah, that’s not so good.

Not good at all. 

Why isn’t he saying one way or the other? And why aren’t they continuing to look? I really have to think that Lee Seung Gi, at this point, has all the power here. You know that he has got to be fending off the offers right now, every producer worth his salt wants to pounce on any emerging actor…worth his salt. And we all know Lee Seung Gi is a solid actor, which makes the clamor even stronger. The Hong Sisters on the other hand…if another actor says ‘eh…pass’, it is really sending a message to the watching audience.

But there are still some die-hard Hong Sister fans out there so something tells me they are going to be just fine.

Cha Seung Won says he was attracted to the role itself which is some sort of super wealthy-successful CEO of an entertainment company who is, of course, at odds with whoever the hero is. (Of Course.) The interesting news here is the other role they have out for consideration, one of the idols signed up with the entertainment company. Who are they looking to cast?

Lee Hong Ki!

Aww… they certainly are going for the nostalgia here as I’m sure what role we all know Lee Hong Ki best would be Jeremy in You’re Beautiful–also a Hong Sister’s show. Yep. This casting gets me right in the kicker as I always have a little bit of a soft spot for Jeremy…I mean Lee Hong Ki. I mean, was there a dry eye in the house when you watched the bus scene? (If yours weren’t even slightly moist, you’re Heartless I tell you, HEARTLESS!) And see? It works already. Now I’m like, I want to see Hong Ki in a drama again, maybe I should stop giving this show side eye and actually watch it.

But I do love my side eye.

So Hong Ki’s thinking about it. So Seung Gi’s thinking about it. So we’re thinking about it. But with the show quickly coming to its date, someone had better stop thinking and do something about it pretty quick!

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  • Reply Rebekah Roberts October 18, 2017 at 3:59 pm

    I am really wanting this to be a good drama. I like the idea of the premise and I really want the Hong Sisters back in the game. But Lee Hong Ki in it? Yes, please. That would just be the cherry on top.

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