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Posted by Stephanie on October 18, 2017


I’m currently watching! And not just reruns of People’s Court and West Wing. I’m watching full on KDRAMAS. Did you hear that? That would be the gasps of all of my friends. (And probably the gasps of all of you readers or listeners.) I’d love to say my watching dry spell is over, but I’d hate to be so declarative so early on. However, let’s just say, not only am I watching — but I’m simulcasting! More than one show!

(Good thing we got that gasping out of the way already.) 

I remember, back in the day, I’d actually talk about the dramas I was watching, not just the dramas I kind of wanted to watch but never really found the time for. Dramas that kind of sounded interesting when I first heard about them, but when they came out, that interest suddenly evaporated for reasons both real and imagined.

So in the spirit of the days of yore, let’s talk about those lucky dramas. (I should also come out and say that the reason I’m watching dramas? I’m watching with others. It’s funny how others keep you accountable. It’s also funny how settling in and watching dramas make you actually want to watch more dramas! It’s like a sickness or something…)

Oh My Ghostess!

As promised, I’m watching this one with Cherry for the OKC. (As I type, I’m actually waiting to hear from Cherry as to when we’re going to get together to watch episode 4 tonight.) While I’m not hugely in love with this drama, there are parts of it I really do like. I was going to say Kim Seul Gi’s character, but though she introduced the character and we see little flashes of her, it’s the lead actress who’s really quite excellent in this role, mimicking the role that Kim Seul Gi created.

I’m enjoying the hero and his conflicting oddness. He balances the strict boss demanding perfection from his staff, to the huge ball of awkward he is in his personal life. I know the show is trying to make him out as mean and unreasonable, but I don’t really see it. He demands a lot from his staff and if he catches them slacking or not doing well, he does what he has to as a boss. The professional kitchen is a harsh place to survive. What he tells the girl in the first episode may be just as harsh, but for her to actually thrive there she needs to strengthen or she’s going to wash out, wasting both of their time.

While we are on just the third episode, I wonder how they are going to bring back the original girl, the real heroine. At the moment, we’ve spent so much time with the ghostess, have become so attached to her and her story that I find myself dreading the moment when they switch back.

A final note? I feel pretty secure in saying that I think the cop totally had something to do with the ghostess’s disappearance (I’m not saying death as I’m really hoping she’s just in a coma somewhere and she will magically appear awake and not so dead.) The actor is playing him really well! He seems nice on the surface, or he’s doing the things to make him look nice, but what is underneath seems darker — more scary. It could be that I’ve been listening to too much true crime while working, seeing murder and mayhem in every corner, but there is just something not right with him.


I’m watching this with the Friday Night Ladies, SaraG and Alix. (I love living in Colorado!) On Friday nights we get together to watch, to eat, and to drink. We’ve been mixing it up between dramas and and Kpop goodness. A few weeks ago, we were trying to find stuff to watch (I think they were throwing me a K-bone, so I’d have stuff to talk about on the podcast) and somehow, I’m not sure how, we settled on Andante. Or I think I know how. Kai. Kai from EXO is in it.


Have you heard about this weird-ass drama? I think I’m on episode four and I have no idea what is going on in this show. Kids keep getting into trouble, mom is in debt, so mom decides to throw themselves on the mercy of their paternal grandmother in the country. The town they land in is small and creepily obsessed with death. Their main focus is the local hospice and have the kids in the school practicing for their own funerals (this entails laying in coffins), writing their epitaphs, and taking their death photos. What. The. Fudge. I’m fairly certain the entire town is just there to die and this family just doesn’t know it, but in the meantime, there are several secrets going down. What happened to the dad? Why does the grandmother blame the mother? What’s up with the girl? Why is she in this town? Is she dying? (This being a Kdrama, I’m going to vote yes on that.)


I want to say surprisingly, but that seems mean, Kai is doing a pretty good job in this! I’m totally believing his whiny brat persona and feel like he has the ability to be an okay actor. (Not a great actor, but a solidly okay one.) Even if I weren’t watching this with the ladies, I’d like to think I’d continue on with this one as I really do need to figure out what is going on in this town.

The Package

I bet when I said I was going to watch this you just kind of rolled your eyes and muttered ‘yeah, right’ and trust me, I understand your point. This being said though? I really couldn’t wait to watch this show — this was possibly mostly brought on by the incessant whining of Yonghwa himself, begging Alix to watch his new show.

We watched the first episode last Friday and let me tell you, I was surprised! It’s not what I thought it was going to be at all. And, after the first episode, I’m not entirely sure the show knows what it wanted to be. There are parts humor, slapstick, and actual drama. With a stalker guy on the loose (where they are not showing us the ex’s face in the pictures or flashbacks, I’m going to say it’s not the guy who’s stalking her) threatening violence, this isn’t quite the moody romp we expected.

What we did expect and get was the beauty of the show itself. They filmed the show in France, so I’d think it would have to be —  I’m fairly certain anyone who watched now wants her apartment (without the roommate who asked her to pick up sex toys on her way home from work — who does that??? The same roommate who allows some guy to break into the apartment and search the place without making a move to call the police) and Paris itself is just beautiful.

They’re doing a good job at creating a world of interesting characters even within the other people on the tour. The housewife breaks my heart as I’m fairly certain we can all see where that story is going. I really can’t wait to see her snap at her husband in front of everyone. (Umm…and why does her husband keep calling everyone Unni? He’s clearly the oldest one there.) Even the irritating girlfriend, I want to see what is going on with her backstory. Clearly, she has a thing for that other guy in her past, and not in the usual bitchy side character way, she’s clearly struggling with the choices she’s made.

And Yonghwa? I’m pleased to say, while his role is COMPLETELY not what I expected, I will say he is doing a great job at it! He’s so pulling off this clueless goofball. I hate to say it, but I think he’s actually out acting the lead actress (how is she so bad at fake crying? Don’t they have classes for that or something? I thought she was great in Miss Korea — I’m not sure what happened here.)

I really can’t wait to see the rest of this drama!

So. That’s it. But remember, for me? This is amazeballs! I’m actually thinking of other shows I want to pick up, or revisiting some of those shows I meant to pick up. (Anyone out there watching Sister is Alive? Any good?)

What are you watching? Anything you’d like to pass on? You know…since I watch dramas again now.


  • Reply SaraG October 18, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    So. EXCITING. to have you watching dramas again.

  • Reply SpiceAngel October 19, 2017 at 8:17 am

    I Would like to recommend ‘while you were sleeping’. It is on Viki. Lee Jong Suk is always dreamy. 22 episodes. I think they are 6 in.

    The policeman in ‘oh my Ghostess’ does wonderful ‘sketchy creepy guy’.

    Stephanie, Glad you are back in the game!

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