Musical Monday – There is Just Something About That Man

Posted by SaraG on October 23, 2017


I admit to believing in magic…just a little bit. Not like the pulling a rabbit from a hat kind, but the kind that some people have when they’re doing something they truly love. It’s like watching that one teacher you had in high school that made you want to read more Shakespeare or figure out how that tricky stuff called AP Calculus was ever going to fit into your real life. Or you know, when you find that friend in college who’s in a major that they chose when they were seven because they always knew what they wanted to be, and they’re actually good at it. It’s captivating. You get a little bit jealous, but you can’t look away. You have to be near it.

Magic is Taemin dancing. And singing. Magic is Taemin and music.

I admit that Shinee, though I absolutely adore a lot of their newer music, is not a bias group of mine. They have traditionally had a specific sound that doesn’t fit with my aesthetic. I certainly have a bias in the group (Minho), but that’s based almost purely on looks and his appearances on Running Man. The others have been kind of mixed up in a jumble of skinny limbs and talent. I have, over time, learned that they are actually all very unique little birds and that some of them are, in fact, so distinctive (Key) that there is actually no way to mix them up with anyone else in the world.

As happens, I’ve also learned that sometimes I love someone separate from their group more than I love them in their group. In this case, it’s Taemin. While I almost never throw on a Shinee album, I incessantly listen to Taemin’s solo releases. His sound is so different than the group and on his own, he glows. He’s not competing for the spotlight, he’s owning it. I have three of his solo songs on my playlist of songs that touch my heart in a special way. I will not be surprised if at least one of the songs from his newest solo album, ‘Move,’ makes the list as well.

The single from the album, also named Move, was released with three different versions of the video: the music video, the solo performance, and the performance version (duo). The woman alongside Taemin in the duo version is Koharu Sugawara, a well-known choreographer and hip-hop dancer whom I’ve been following on Instagram for quite awhile. She’s known for being quite expressive in her movements and is super distinctive. I love watching her. Once you know her, you can actually spot her quite easily in the official version of the video as well.

So, thanks for releasing this, Taemin, you’ve made my last week glorious.

Taemin, Move #1

Taemin, Move #2 Solo

Taemin, Move #3 Performance Video (Duo)


  • Reply Liz C October 23, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    When this came out last week, I thought “If Taemin just kept putting out a new dance version of ‘Move’ each week, I could die happy.” And they released the dance practice version today, which is amazing in yet another way. Then the youtube comments led me to the live performance they did at Seoul Fashion week. GAAAHH it’s so good.

  • Reply Liz C October 23, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    Oh, and I CANNOT WAIT to see people doing this choreography at the fan dance stage at KCON 2018.

  • Reply Rebecca A November 2, 2017 at 2:03 am

    He really is magic when he is dancing. Ugh. I cannot stop watching this new music video and all the dancing. He is so expressive with his moves. And i get all proud when I think of how much his voice has improved from the early SHINee days.

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