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Posted by Stephanie on October 25, 2017

Casting News

As we’ve been on a bit of a CNBlue kick as of late, I thought it only fair we not play favorites and cover a little of everyone. Last up for mention? Lee Jong Hyun. And just in time for this fairness revelation? He’s looking to sign up for a new drama! 

I will always have a soft spot for Mr Jong Hyun as I have a soft spot for his character in A Gentleman’s Dignity. He’s never one of the more out there, memorable members of CNBlue for me, it’s more “Which one is the guy who loves to fish on Instagram? Oh, he was the one in A Gentleman’s Dignity? Cool.” (Man does that boy love to fish or so sayith his insta.)

While he hasn’t officially signed onto the project, he has been approached to actually star in an upcoming drama called That Man Oh Soo from OCN. It’s about two people trying to get away from a curse, him a smarty pants cafe owner the heroine, who the production team has reached out to Kim So Eun to play, a police officer.

It makes me wonder. Umm…is this going to be a terrible tortured curse? Do crimes happen around them due to this curse? Or were they cursed while committing a crime? I don’t know about you guys but when I think OCN, I don’t really think light and fluffy drama, I think gritty crime and or ghost and or gritty crime ghost medical show. I mean, isn’t that what they kind of specialize in? Or have I been away from the game so long that I don’t really know them anymore. Could they have made an about face while no one was paying attention?

I’m just not seeing these two being able to really capture dark and gritty. I mean, she was pretty good in Liar’s Game, but she was more the doe-eyed innocent in that one and A Gentleman’s Dignity? Well, it had that mopey middle but there was nary a single grit.

I’m glad to see him come back to TV, even though I know this will take him away from his fishing. Perhaps that’s where he is right now, making the decision… As the show isn’t planning on premiering until March sometime, they do have time to make their decision, however, not that much as, like most OCN shows (like most cable shows) they plan on filming this thing in advance.

I’m so happy to see all of the CNBlue boys so busy lately! While I am a fan of cable shows and a particular fan of the gritty OCN, I’m thinking we’re going to be needing more information before we make any actual watching decisions. Luckily, those cable networks have a killer teaser/promotional game, so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before all is revealed.

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  • Reply Liz C October 26, 2017 at 12:48 am

    Just putting in a plug for the last thing he was in “Girls Generation 1979/Lingerie Girls Generation.” It’s a really fantastic coming-of-age story, with a window into Korea coming out of a more repressive political era. Think of it as a shorter (8 episodes) Reply 1988 with more female friendships. It’s on Viki/Kocowa, and other methods. Jong Hyun plays a *sort of* angsty character in this one, so he might be up for the task of the OCN crime drama.

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