Throwback (Musical) Thursday

Posted by SaraG on October 26, 2017


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I’ve been to concerts, fan engagements, and as we’ve discussed here, a total of one high touch. I have never, however, been to a fan meet. That’s something I think I would like to experience some day. I don’t necessarily want to go to a fan meet for a Kpop group though…If I’m seeing a music group, I want to see them perform music and more than just a couple of songs. I want to go to a fan meet for an actor. I want to see them struggle to keep an audience entertained when their whole business really lies in a scripted and heavily edited world. It just seems like it might be more than a little awkward and painful, but also a little enlightening as to their real personalities rather than the one my fan’s brain assigns to them.

Alix and I are trying something a little different with Throwback (Musical) Thursday and the Khottie post…we’re going to link them together. Not every time, just periodically.  So when Alix posted our Kchat moment of silence to honor and celebrate Song Joong Ki’s upcoming union, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to also share my loving memories of my previous UB (I have been slowly extricating him from the fabric of my being as I can’t bring myself to love a married man in quite the same way…I have my limits).

Beyond being just the perfect specimen of a handsome man, I find Song Joong Ki to be incredibly alluring. He’s got this childlike innocence about him that just hits me square in the heart. But it doesn’t limit him from playing a man driven by insanity or a tough guy soldier. He’s a very, very talented actor and was extremely amusing on variety as well. But, unlike what current idol/actor trends might suggest, not everyone that is talented on screen is also a skilled vocalist. In fact, some people can’t carry a tune to save their lives. But they have to do it anyway. GAHHHH!!!!!

I really love a man with flaws and early on in my YouTube meanderings to find more about SJK (previously known in my household as ‘New Daddy’) I discovered that he can’t sing. I mean, really can’t sing. He’s been on a couple of OSTs with some heavy production and editing, but when you throw a man with a mic on stage and ask him to perform a number live, no amount of adjusting his earpiece is going to make it any better. It’s just awful. It makes me love him even more.

In honor of his upcoming nuptials, I give you Song Joong Ki belting out the song Always from the Descendents of the Sun OST at a fan meet. My love for him may dim with circumstance, but my enjoyment of him never will.

Song Joong Ki, Always

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