Throwback (Musical) Thursday – What Can’t He Do?

Posted by SaraG on November 2, 2017


I’m always a little skeptical when famous actors try his or her hand at being a singer or rapper. I think that it often happens that when a person is super talented at one thing, they start to get a big head about how good they are at everything. It doesn’t help that they are often surrounded by folks telling them how wonderful they are all the time…including people like me that are prone to fawning. I know there are plenty of folks that are actually good at everything, but again…I’m skeptical

Seo In Guk, in my mind, is an actor. He gives his everything to whatever part he’s playing and despite how over the top those personalities are sometimes, he’s actually a really subtle performer. You can see all of the layers and complexity of his characters in the tiniest movement of his facial muscles. But even with that much skill, he actually, according to several things I’ve read, sees himself as a singer above all. He allegedly left his previous management company because they were focusing too much on his acting career and not enough on his music career.

I’ve given quite a few of his songs a listen. He undeniably has a good voice and there are songs that I like and others that I don’t. While I can appreciate what he’s doing, his style just doesn’t mesh with my own. That being said, his collaboration in December 2016, OMG, with Double K and Dok2 was pure perfection. It’s really a Double K song, but Seo In Guk does the brunt of the vocal work. And does it flawlessly. This song came out the same week my husband bought a new Subaru. I used the car for a few days because I wanted to pretend like I had a new car too, and I listened to this song on repeat because it made me feel cool rollin’ through the Denver Tech Center bustin’ out the hip new tunes (none of that actually served to make me cool…just as an FYI).

When I say I listened to it on repeat, I mean that I literally had it on one song repeat for like a week. My kids can sing along to it. They can rap with Dok2 and have no clue what they’re saying. The video, which I have seen at least 35 times, it so much fun. The three artists look amazing. I want to party with them. Period. Life goals. There are all sorts of cameos in the club and, the educational part of it all is that I learned that I could watch Jessi drinking champagne all night. Happily. I don’t even have to be drinking with her. Or at all. She looks that good.

So yes, while I am skeptical about actors turned singers and singers turned actors, sometimes they’re right and they are good at both. Seo In Guk is that guy, and he would love for you to support his music as much as or more so than you do his acting.

Double K, OMG (ft. Seo In Guk and Dok2)

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