Fun Friday: An Un-Elegant Evening

Posted by Stephanie on November 8, 2017

Fun Friday

I don’t know if you remember way, way, way back I happened to mention a project I was working on, a little thing that became my big, big, big super gay fanfiction. Topsu? Ring a bell? Well, what feels like many years and 200 THOUSAND words later, I finished it last month. Afterwards I found myself at odds, what should I do now? Well, one great suggestion from the Denver crew later, and the Topsu Meat and Cake party was born…

Here’s a little secret. (Hey, you know about the fanfic thing, why hold back now?) I heart a good theme. I heart themes and themed parties. I heart themes and theme parties and hot glue guns.

After some hemming and hawing about when to have it, I realized something momentous. My birthday was November 2, which fell on a Thursday. T.O.P’s birthday is November 4th, which is on a Saturday. Technically, his birthday in Korea falls on November 3rd here (time zones man, time zones). Friday happens to be the day the Denver Crew usually gathers to eat, drink, and make K-merry. Perfect right?

So the Birthday Topsu party was born. Let the crafting begin.

First off, can I tell you how amazing my new job is? I arrived at work on Thursday morning to find my coworker snuck back into the office the night before and decorated my desk…

Coworker Boulder Girl tried her very best to pick out all members of BTS for the garland and was overall, fairly successful. Let’s all together…awwwwww!

First off, here were the invites:

I took Friday off in order to prepare for all the tomfoolery I planned. The night of my birthday Alix (who was also gracious enough to have this thing at her house) took me to eat for real Korean food at a for real Korean restaurant. Ahhhh…. it was lovely. Of all the things I miss about New York, the easy access to KTown would probably be number one and number two. She also then humored me took me to Staples where I left her in the parking lot for a good half hour while I wrestled with an uncooperative copier. (How Staples, how can you only have one copier???) and the market for some last minute preparing ie, cake making.

I stayed up a good portion of the evening in order to bake some cakes as we decided we didn’t need just one cake but a solid cake and cupcakes. (You know, to balance out all that meat.) I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I can’t bake in Colorado. Think I’m joking? I submit Exhibit A.

Turns out you need to do stuff to stuff because of the altitude. Hrm. Note to self. Next time just buy cake. Or buy a mix. Those are both excellent options.

Would you like to see the finished work? I should mention. The theme for this particular Gay Korean Idol Fanfic Birthday Party was ‘Taste the Rainbow’ — because I have class. Are you ready for this? You might need to sit down.

Some fun party games were planned…

That thing from Staples? The parting gift of a OTP Coloring book, modeled here by Liz C:

There was both meat and cake consumed

There were also rainbow Soju jello shots.


Even Cherry Cordial and the Mystical Being of Unicorns made an apperance!

Alix and SaraG conspired and SaraG made a 5-hour playlist of songs I love and songs she felt I should love…you know like the Kmusic pusher she is.

All in all? Success! Thanks everyone for the awesome birthday! (And more importantly, not rolling your eyes too hard once I whipped out the hand crafted rainbow…) Now who’s next for a Stephanie party? Come on… you know you want one. 🙂


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  • Reply Rebekah Roberts November 8, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    Too adorable! So glad you had a good time!! Happy Birthday and congrats on finishing!! That is quite the accomplishment!!!

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