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Posted by Stephanie on November 9, 2017


Ugh, my phone ate this post. The entire thing. Who has two thumbs and is not pleased? This girl. How can an irritation this deep be cured? My guess is only a Hoseok gif can do it. 

Oh yeah. That’s the stuff. I now have the will to go on.

I want to say it’s been a while since we’ve had anything BTS on the site now, but that would be a lie. We’re all big fans, there is no hiding that. However, as we now have Ms. SaraG and Ms. Alix doing the music posts and Khottie respectively, I can say that I myself haven’t brought up BTS in a while. Unless you listen to the podcast. So, it’s no secret we’re fans, but now, now I can say that they have officially infiltrated the US. 

It started slow. Earlier this spring BTS was nominated and easily won a social media award at the Billboard Music Awards. We watched. We were proud. They killed it! From then on there was a slow stream of news articles, from legit mainstream news sources reporting on BTS. (I tried not to get too irritated with these news articles, each one seeming as though they discovered this crazy thing that has just happened to catch on, like some weird fluke instead of a band which has previously sold out multiple US tours. It seems as though this happens everytime something in Kpop gets popular, them acting like they all discovered it when the rest of the world was all like Yeah. We know. It’s a thing, Get on the train. Choo-Choo Mother Fudgers Choo-Choo.)

From their success in at the BMA’s they released an album with that sold tons of records, that set tons of records. They collaborated with the Chainsmokers. Yeah. BTS is a real thing. Choo-Choo.

Recently, two big things happened. 1) They were invited to actually perform DNA at the American Music Awards. This is big guys, big. This is them being brought out and highlighted because of their talent because of their hard work, not just because a single song or video captured someones attention. (Really, this is how you want the Kpop bands to come here, right? We’ve seen others throw aside careers and try to make it here, bending themselves to be what they think US fans want, and it just not working out for them. BTS? They are doing their own KPOP thing, being the best that they can be naturally, and are working hard, getting ahead on their terms.) And 2) It was just announced they were invited to guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Now, I’m not sure why I look at the second and go ‘they made it here’, because who knows what will happen. It could be one of those ones where they are just asked to perform and then ushered off the stage. I’m not entirely certain I care. Although that is another lie. I’d love to see them be interviewed with Kimmel because I know this would make them super happy. Come on, can you just picture Namjoon (Rap Monster) sitting across the desk from Kimmel showing off his mad English skills? Yoongi trying to pretend that all this is cool and he’s not affected at all? Can you see Hoseok in your mind eye grinning, not believing he’s actually there? Yeah. Allllll that? Would be awesome. While Kimmel is a comedian, I don’t see him as someone who would take pot-shots at them? Who would do something who would make the fans angry? Plus? Being able to point that to all of our non #klife loving friends and saying ‘see? I told you I was right. Choo-Choo.’

Another Plus — to see them perform at the AMA’s? The Kpop nerd herd are already planning viewing parties. We did it for Billboard and by George, we’re going to do one for this too. Can you imagine the squeeing that is going to be coming from all corners of this country when they hit that stage? When we hear the music we love coming from a US stage? Yeah. It’s gonna get ugly.

I mean ugly in a good way.

There is part of me that worries. I’m a worrier. I can’t help it. I worry about all those new people who are going to clime aboard that train. I worry about how this is going to affect BTS not only as people but as a band. We can already see the band changing as they grow, as they get more popular. Is this surge of popularity going to be too much? But then again, I act like the US is a giant thing to them. Dude. They are famous all over the world, the US is just the last to catch on. I worry if DNA is the right song for them to introduce themselves to the American public. But if not that song then which one? I mean, I love them all (pretty much) but which one is going to be the one that can do what it needs to do here? I certainly don’t want to be the one making that decision– which is, I’m sure why they are going with DNA. I’m sure this will mean we’ll probably get a bigger US tour here, with more stops. But will a surge in popularity mean that it’s harder for us to get good tickets? I want them to be popular but not at the expense of my own enjoyment.

LAUGH. I’m such a bad fan.

Honestly, now that I step back and think about it, I’m concerned as to how this will go. I’m concerned that people will be jerks to them. Because we can be a hateful place. I worry that they are taking on too much. I worry that I may be way too effing possessive of this band. And, while I look forward to seeing them here, for them getting the exposure here that they so rightly deserve, I can’t help but wonder….what’s next?

This may require another Hoseok gif. 

Well, that didn’t help at all.


Last minute update? Not only are BTS going to be on Kimmel. They have also been slated to be on the Ellen show. Holy fudge balls. Somehow I see them trying to show her how to dance. There had been a rumor they were going to be on her show, and this was before all of the other news came out, so it seemed like it was out of left field. Then it made sense that they were on her show randomly, as that seems the place for it. Her scope is a little broader? More kitsch? Filled with more of the momentary fads? That made sense then. But now that they are going to be on the AMA’s and Kimmel, huh. I mean, I guess it’s all good, but now it’s all about perspective. I mean I’ll watch all of these things — or I will if I can figure out how to do it without cable — but I’m most excited for Kimmel and the AMAs. I continue to be super proud of them. Bring it on Hoseok.

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