Posted by Stephanie on November 15, 2017

Casting News

Everybody, and when I say everybody, I mean the Hong Sisters, must be breathing a big sigh of relief on this one. Not only has Lee Seung Gi left the military as squeaky clean as he went in there, he finally agreed to sign onto their upcoming drama!

Yep. The long hero-less drama finally can set sail, or at least be known for more than not being able to get anyone sign on as lead. Well. Except Cha Seung Won as one of the main secondary leads. 

While I am glad to see Lee Seung Gi out of the military. Glad to see that he’s jumping right back into the drama boat, but unless something drastic happens, I’m going to continue to take a pass. Partially as I usually only like the last half of Hong Sister’s shows, and, when I read over the premise, read about the characters, the character names, character and plot descriptions, my eyes sort of glaze over and I start thinking, ‘Eh, I’m good.’ Not really a good way you want to head into a show. Usually when starting a drama you want the wahoo aspect to carry you through those rocky first couple of episodes (or in the Hong Sisters, the first six or so) until you can get into the meat of a drama (I like to say usually about episode 4).

I thought the whole drama was going to be preproduced, but it’s going to premiere the 23rd of December. Aww….It’s a Christmas show! This doesn’t really give much time to get a lot done before they hit that premiere date. I may have missed it, as I actually did miss the original confirmation (and I was on the look out for it too!) but I haven’t seen the usual pictures you get for the original table read Where they show pictures of the cast together, bonding, whatever, so you can get a feel of everyone together.

But maybe we don’t need this. I mean, for the most part, it’s not like the cast doesn’t know each other — the entire thing is like a giant game of 6 degree’s of separation.

Though I don’t really plan on watching this drama, the thing does, for some reason, fascinate me, so I’m going to continue to be nosey about it until it comes out. You know, because that’s just what I do.

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    *Smiles and shakes head*

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