Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Because We’ll be Seeing More Than Changmo

Posted by SaraG on November 16, 2017


You might have heard, but 2017 has been a crazy year for Kpop shows in the US. There have been a steady flow of shows in all of the usual cities and a couple in places we were surprised to hear about. We in the Kpop Nerd Herd have had to pick and choose which concerts we would prioritize based on announcement timing, schedules, and funds. It’s not cheap to fly for shows…and tickets to a Kpop concert are typically on the pricier side. By the time the fall rolled around, we were pretty sure that most of us were tapped out for 2017.

But low and behold, the announcements kept coming and the money has kept going. Alix and Emma are meeting up in Boston to see SF9 near the end of November – I’m sure Alix’ll tell you all about it – and Stephanie, Molly, and I are gathering in LA in the beginning of December to catch the Illionaire Ambition tour. You have no idea how excited I am. The tour consists of two of the more prominent hip-hop crews in South Korea, Illionaire (Dok2 and The Quiett) and Ambition Musik (Changmo, Hash Swan, and Kim Hyoeun).

The only thing that would make this even more of a dream show for me would be if it was in Denver and I didn’t have to fork out for transportation cost. These are two crews that I follow pretty closely and have gotten fairly familiar with over the years. You might remember, if I have a UB, it’s Changmo. I love him hard. But, my concert buddies, though also deeply in love with Changmo, aren’t as versed in the other performers. Stephanie asked that I put together a little YouTube playlist to help them get to know everyone in advance and maybe listen to some of the songs they are likely to showcase. Now, a lot of the shows from this tour Have been in other countries and are already on YouTube…so I could easily have just thrown up a video of one of the shows and called it good…but I don’t want to be spoiled. I kinda want to go into it blind and be able to genuinely freak out when I hear the songs I most want to hear. So I did a little leg work and pulled together a short list of songs (some with videos and some not so much) by our featured artists collabing all over the place over the last couple of years.

I have a good guess as to which of these will be performed live.


Showtime Prep Playlist

  1. Changmo, Wang
  2. Hash Swan, Mashimaro
  3. Kim Hyoeun, Picture Me Rollin’
  4. The Quiett, 1 Life 2 Live
  5. Dok2, Beverly 1lls (ft. The Quiett)
  6. Changmo, One More Rollie (ft. Dok2, The Quiett, Hash Swan, and Kim Hyoeun)
  7. Kim Hyoeun, La La La (ft. Changmo)
  8. Changmo, Ambition (ft. Kim Hyoeun and Hash Swan)
  9. Hash Swan, Whitney (ft. Dok2 and The Quiett)
  10. Dok2, Put It Down (ft. Changmo and Kim Hyoeun)
  11. Hash Swan, SMTM6
  12. Kim Hyoeun, Rap Star (ft. Dok2)
  13. The Quiett, Good Saturday (ft. Changmo and Chamane)
  14. The Quiett, Beautiful Life II (ft. Hash Swan)
  15. Dok2, Wattup (ft. Kim Hyoeun)

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