Khottie of the Week: SF9

Posted by Alix on November 18, 2017

Khottie of the Week

As we say in Colorado I am currently “back east” having come down from the Mile High City to sea level in NH/MA. This is where I am from originally and my family was thrilled when I texted in early October to ask if I could come for Thanksgiving. They were slightly miffed when the true reason for my trip was revealed but who said Kpop doesn’t bring families closer together!

I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family thanks to SF9 and their very conveniently scheduled show on Sunday in Boston. You might remember from a post SaraG did in August, we saw and touched (hi-touch) them at KCON. SF9 is a newish and young group, with all but two members younger than the Khottie legal age of 24. Thankfully there is a Khottie loophole and as long as we have a theme Stephanie will look the other way. So for today’s Khottie it’s Hi-Touching SF9….Again. 

Going from oldest to youngest we start with Inseong, vocalist.

SF9’s leader and a rapper, Youngbin (KpopontheDL’s bias).

Jaeyoon, vocalist.

Dawon, vocalist (SaraG’s bias).

Zuho, rapper and my bias.

Rowoon, vocalist.

Taeyang, vocalist.

Hwiyoung, rapper.

The maknae and rapper Chani who has the deepest voice but is so very young (my secret bais). Given that it will be 6+ years before he shows up on Khottie again (apparently, idols you would like to touch is not a theme) I’ve added an extra photo or two to tide us over.

He’s very much loved by the other members.

You can find SF9 in Boston tomorrow and always on Instagram @sf9official or Twitter @SF9official.


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Kim In Seong

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