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Posted by SaraG on November 20, 2017


I’d like to say that the whole zombie theme that has become so pervasive in my life has stemmed from writing Infectious. But that would be a lie. Ever since I started in emergency management, and especially public health emergency preparedness and response, people assume that I am constantly preparing for the zombie apocalypse with tax dollars. While not entirely wrong, we try not to use those words. We do what’s called capabilities-based planning, not incident planning…because how you respond to any disease is pretty consistent, so you don’t need a plan for each individual disease, you need a response plan. In theory, and based on evidence, our emerging pathogens plan should work for zombies just as well as it does for Ebola or SARs or whatever. #PublicHealth

Now how, you might ask, does the above paragraph relate to today’s musical offering. Zombie’s, obviously. Pay attention.

New Champ is a Korean rapper, formerly of the group Bastardz alongside BIZNIZ and Deepflow. Don’t confuse them with the Block B subunit Bastarz…totally different and predates that lovely ensemble. He was also a member of the group Nom Nom Nom with Ven and Z.S as far back as 2010. None of his projects have gotten a huge amount of attention, but I love his delivery and his look. I’m surprised I haven’t been more drawn to him, especially since I’m pretty familiar with some of his former groupmates and current collab partners.

New Champ’s latest release Training Zombie, is a delightfully pre-apocalyptic number showing some of Korea’s rising hip-hop talent literally having the book thrown at them while they devolve into the depths of a zombie infection. Things get out of control quickly. It’s pretty obvious, even without the subs, that the video is about how conforming to society’s strict norms is training us all to be zombies…which is fairly trite as far as themes go, but the song is freaking awesome. All of the featured artists stick to their own style, but the song feels super consistent and interesting. I never got bored. Not even after several listens. I keep trying to pick apart each of the rappers to see which style I like best, but really, the song needs them all.  

I kind of want Feless’s red hair. Zol P looks particularly hot…even with his face almost entirely covered and his mouth hanging open. There’s just something about that lethargic delivery that hits me in the gut. And Sleepy, I almost always love Sleepy. This is no exception.

New Champ, Training Zombie (ft.  죄와 벌, 슬리피, 루다, 우디고차일드, 노엘)

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  • Reply humbledaisy1 November 30, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    AH – THAT’S Lee Jae Yong as the cop who literally throws the book at him! He’s just a character actor that pops up in a ton of shows I’ve liked so when I saw that long face and head of his – it startled me! Thanks for the look at some new-to-me rappers.

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