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Posted by SaraG on November 27, 2017


It’s my understanding that in the Korean entertainment world, artists are asked to contribute a song to an OST either before or while the drama or movie is being filmed. It isn’t often that a song is released and so fits the mood and sentiment of a work that it becomes attached to the project after it’s already been set free to the world. In the case of Epik High’s Lost One,  the director Jang Hang Joon heard the song and felt that it went so well with his new movie that he approached Epik High to produce a special music video linking the two.

The movie, A Night of Memory, starring Kim Moo Yeol and Kang Ha Neul, is a psychological mystery tracing the kidnapping and subsequent memory loss of the older brother through the lens of the younger as he tries to figure out what happened. Eventually, Kang Ha Neul’s character begins to question his own memories and understanding. It looks heartbreaking and fantastic. I can’t wait to see it…based on the MV alone. I haven’t seen anything else about it.

While I love the entire Epik High album, this song wasn’t one that jumped out at me. I liked it well enough from the first listen and never skipped it, but I didn’t seek it out specifically. I might now. I love it combined with the images of Kang Ha Neul emoting. He emotes particularly well. This just goes to show you the power of the right connection between projects. These two pieces weren’t created for each other, but they work extremely well together. They set a mood and they drive that mood all the way home.

I highly recommend the entire album if you haven’t already taken a listen. They are pushing out some great live videos of Epik High and IU doing Love Story, and the single with vocals by Oh Hyuk, Home is Far Away, is stunning.

Epik High, Lost One

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    I didn’t know this was attached to that film – I’ll look forward to it.

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