Khottie of the Week: Kickass Girls Edition

Posted by Alix on December 10, 2017

Khottie of the Week

Last weekend LizC and I were at loose ends with SaraG and Stephanie living it up in LA so we gave it our best attempt at making them jealous by watching lots of MAMA performance videos followed by three episodes of Because this is My First Life over a large quantity of Korean takeout. We knew the drama would be good based on feedback we both had read, but I think we were both surprised by how it captivated us. I fell hard for the drama, not just because Lee Min Ki was the lead but more so because it featured three female actresses that were as beautiful as they were kickass.

I was originally planning to do this post on the three male leads but as I finished the finale episode last night I realized that what made me laugh and cry throughout the entire drama was how amazing the three actresses were in portraying characters who were caught in a society that doesn’t often value women who know what they want and are willing to go after it. I will be the first to admit that the drama was not perfect but it touched on topics we don’t often see portrayed in Kdrama and it handled those topics in a way that allowed the female characters to stay true to who they are.  

The main female lead is Jung So Min

You might recognize her from D-Day or Playful Kiss.

I’ve only seen three episodes of D-Day but again she plays a character who might come across as a pushover and is anything but.

And the best part was Lee Min Ki’s character supported her throughout the drama. 

Lee Som, or stage name Esom, plays a character who was not afraid to embrace her sensuality…even in the face of constant harassment.  

Even in modeling, she is not afraid to be sexy.

She has the most amazingly long legs and is not hesitant to use her height to her advantage.  

The third female character is played by Kim Ga Eun.

Off the three she was the most traditional in what she wanted.

I love this picture as it’s sexy in a less than obvious way.

And in honor of these three hot women playing supportive friends, this one goes out to KBesties everywhere!


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