Bad Guys: City of Even More and Badder Bad Guys

Posted by Stephanie on December 12, 2017


It’s time! After all this time, after all the speculation, the cast changes, the just wondering how they were going to do the show, Bad Guys: City of Evil is ready to terrorize our tvs this week! How many of you are planning to tune in? Come on, it can’t just be me! Nothing quite says happy holidays like murder and mayhem.

Sure, I was a little sad when I realized the way they were taking the ‘new season’ of Bad Guys, as I enjoyed that show so much and didn’t think it could be pulled off without the original cast coming back. Turns out? The producers were aware of this too, knew that the shoes were too big too fill, that people, if they couldn’t get the original cast would keep comparing the two, and turned the new show from a straight up sequel to a spin-off.

While I’ll be sad to not see the original cast again, this is one of those premises where you could easily spin it off. Anyone else in the Korean justice system be it cops, feds, or prosecutors could just be like ‘hey, did you hear about that program they did unleashing criminals to do what we can’t?’ that plants the idea and wham-o a spin off is born.

I’d then heard that the spin-off was going to be all prosecutor based (because if we’ve learned anything with dramas it’s the fact that prosecutors can be bad guys too) but while the show has shaken out to be more law-people based, they have tossed us some bad guys to fill out that criminal element we need to really make this show work — because then aren’t we just like every other law show?

Plus, I’m really excited to see Joo Jin Mo in a drama. I’m not sure I’ve ever watched a drama of his, but I did see him play a gangster in Friend 2, that mobster movie with Woo Bin a few years back. His scenes which took place during the past (think Godfather 2, the creation of the mob boss) he was truly excellent and I always meant to see him in something else– and for the something else is for him to be another bad guy? I’m cool with that. Look at this stare.

How could you see this stare and not want to watch the show?

Double plus? That guy everyone seems to like right now, Ji Soo is playing a character in jail for someone else, is one of the baddies. Maybe it’s time for me to see what the fuss is about. (Is there still fuss? Or did I miss the fussy boat? I’m still catching up on some things.)

The show starts on Saturday so I’m hoping this means we’ll get subs on Sunday? Or maybe I’ll save up and this can be part of my annual Christmas kdramathon. It’s time to start thinking about that. I can’t decide if I want to hit one drama, or just watch a bunch of currently airing ones. Hmmm…. decisions, decisions.

SO. Again. Are you excited? Do you even care about Bad Guys anymore? I mean it was a long time ago. A really long time in kdramaland.

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