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Posted by SaraG on December 18, 2017


I really, really wanted to do a girl group Christmas song for last weeks’ Throwback (Musical) Thursday, but the one that I wanted to do, I had done for last Christmas. And, since I am completely delusional, I assume you all would remember because you have memorized everything I’ve ever written. BUT, as luck would have it, the group released another Christmas song WITH THE SAME NAME just a few days ago.

KpopontheDL knew how sad I was about having already done the song and ferreted out LOONA’s The Carol 2.0 and sent me the link right away. Because she is resourceful and the best. We have both been interested in LOONA this year and really enjoying what they’ve been putting out. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the group, TECHNICALLY, they haven’t even debuted yet so you have time to get on the LOONA train beforehand and be all hipster when they hit the big time.

Every month since October 2016 they have put out a new song to introduce a new member or subunit of the group. Once all twelve members are introduced, they will make their formal debut in 2018 and take the music scene by storm with enough songs already out there to put on a full concert. It’s kind of cheating and kind of genius.

Three of the members auditioned for Mix9 with only two making it onto the show. I haven’t been watching because elimination shows break what is left of my heart, but KpopontheDL has been providing Alix and me with thorough and frequent updates. It’s my understanding that the show has really made obvious how many resources go into training the male idols in singing, dancing, etc, and how the females are a bit…lacking. That being said, there are those ladies that know how to put on an excellent performance. I think the women of LOONA are those ladies. They remind me a bit of Red Velvet in their quirkiness and they’ve done some interesting stuff. I look forward to their debut.

So here is their Christmas song for 2017! YAY!


LOONA, The Carol 2.0

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