Musical Monday – Merry Christmas

Posted by SaraG on December 25, 2017


It’s Christmas! Or it is in Denver…if you’re elsewhere in the world, Christmas may have been yesterday…or you may not celebrate Christmas, and that’s cool too. But for my household, it’s Christmas, which means waking up too early, opening a mountain of presents, eating bagels with lox and cream cheese and all of the fixings and drinking mimosas. We stay in pj’s all day and play with whatever it is we got and there is a candy free-for-all rule because I don’t want to have it hanging around the house for the next six months. Don’t ask, just eat it.

This year, I received a whole lot of #Kstuff – some of it tasteful and subtle, some of it less so – and a fancy new iPad because my current one is so old it stopped getting updates years ago. And because my friends are also enablers, I also got lots of iTunes gift cards with which I could purchase gems for my Starpop boys. I had a lofty Starpop goal, and we achieved it last night. I now have all of BAP at my fingertips. This means so much to me as their contract is up in 2018 and the future of the group is unclear. I love them hard.  I am so incredibly thankful to everyone for being so thoughtful and knowing me so well.

So in honor of the holiday and the gift giving and receiving and because NCT Dream has been absolutely adorable lately (that Renjun is particularly fetching these days), I’m sharing the last Christmas song of this year. Snuggle up to someone you love and throw some confetti around. It’s delightful.

Clean it all up tomorrow. That stuff is messy.

NCT Dream, Joy

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