KCrafty Christmas!

Posted by Stephanie on December 26, 2017


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You know, when the craftiest KFans among us get out those glue guns, unpack that glitter, and get to handcrafting some kpop-kdrama themed Christmas goods. You might not know this about me but the one thing I have going for me? My skill with said glue-gun. This year’s holiday offerings were exceptionally successful so I thought I’d not only share my own, but share some others! 

First off? The epic Christmas crafting event by LizC and myself because nothing says Christmas like a legion of Starpop Christmas ornaments. We made them for our Starpop friends and a few others.

Come on! How cute was that? They were sent out across the country and we got some great photos showing they had arrived safely to their new homes:

Lori and Melissa recriprocated with a box of goodies that legit had Liz C squeeeeee-ing when she unwrapped her Seventeen mug…I managed to keep it together while unwrapping the BTS mug they sent…ahem. Yeah. Sure I did. 😉

Next up? LizC continued to be crafty on her own when a google search for what rhymes with idol came up with dreidel. A KCraft was born…

My friend Jami owns an embroidery shop, which can produce Kpop related items upon request made her own daughter and rabid member of the BTS A.R.M.Y

Or how about the Christmas present she made me? She may not understand the Starpop obsession, but she loves and supports me. What more could you want from a friend??

This is one I had Jami make for presents for the Denver crew, she did the stitching, and I did the design to which Cherry says— It’s almost right. WIN! I’m getting better at this guys 🙂 :

SaraG and Alix got crafty too, making a desktop calendar for KpopontheDl!

Meet March: 

and April:

See? Kfans are a crafty bunch! Did you accomplish any KCrafts this year?


Special Bonus SaraG got me this bag (KpopontheDL got me a Woozi ID bracelet, but I could not get the photo to come out right):


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