Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Traveling Home 2017 Style

Posted by SaraG on December 28, 2017


Last year at this time I was still very much embedded in my parents’ house chilling on the couch probably scrolling through 2016 music videos in a desperate attempt to write a year in review post (guess I need to do that this weekend). Also knowing me, I was probably doing the last bit of laundry and packing in preparation to fly home. I was not looking forward to the end of a vacation, but I was looking forward to the NCT 127 comeback slated for right after we got back to Colorado. Ooooooh, I was insanely ready for that.

You see, I am a huge NCT fan…I love NCT U, NCT 127, and I even have a soft spot for NCT Dream…whom I featured on Christmas this year. I don’t necessarily like the way they’re treated by their label and I get a bit wigged out by how the group is run, but I LOVE their music with few exceptions. Limitless was not one of those. I love this song hard. I am a super fan of the growl effect used in the chorus and the kind of elastic-y sounding electronic music. I should know what all of this is called, but I don’t. Bare with me. I am also in complete love with the styling from this era..from the red tracksuits to the questionable hair. I ADORE it.

And these boys can dance. They are all sexy and lazy but with a laser-sharp edge that shows just how much work they’ve put into the choreography. It’s not easy to appear that, well, easy. SM released two versions of the video in January 2017 to include the ‘Rough Version’ and the ‘Performance Version.’ This fall they also released the ‘Japanese Version’ which I have to admit is an almost better video than the originals in many ways.

Even though we did the holidays at my house this year, the transition back into a normal work/life schedule is no easier and because of that, I’m choosing to relive some  2017 NCT magic. I’m going to drop all three right here for you to watch…just in case you missed one or all of them. Because you really shouldn’t start a new year without NCT. It seems wrong somehow. 

NCT 127, Limitless (Rough Version)

NCT 127, Limitless (Performance Version)

NCT 127, Limitless (Japanese Version)

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