Episode 131: The Results Show

Posted by Cherry Cordial on December 29, 2017



Episode 131: The Results Show

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Show Notes

When Stephanie makes these show titles, they totally make sense to her… Anyway, in this episode, we’re talking about what we’re watching and surprisingly? Both Stephanie and Cherry Cordial watch a bunch of dramas thanks to the Christmas holiday. Stephanie tried to turn Former Roommate Alix’s YouTube gay but eventually gave up and switched to a Chinese ghost drama, Cherry may not have a lot of titles, but the shows she watched, she watched a LOT of. Then we cap off the episode by listing some of our New Year’s resolutions.

Song of a Day

Seventeen (SVT Leaders) – Change Up

Listener Question

If you have a listener question you’d like to ask us, be it drama related, casting, recommendations, really anything you can think of, please let us know. We can be reached via our website contact form, podcast@kchatjjigae.com, or if you’d like to leave a voicemail we could play on the air give us a call at 1-347-674-9310. For those of you outside the country (or who don’t want to call long distance), you can record your question on your phone or computer and email the file to us at podcast@kchatjjigae.com.


Dramas Mentioned

Two Moons
Dark Blue and Moonlight
Senior Secret Puppy Honey
King of Dramas
Mystic Whispers
BTS Bon Voyage
Because This is My First Life
We Married as a Job
Playful Kiss
Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Ode to Joy
When a Snail Loves

People Mentioned

Lee Seung Gi
Jung So Min
Lee Min Ki
Min Yoongi
Do Kyungsoo
Lee Jung Shin


Taiwan Marriage Equality

Kcrafty Christmas!

Rolling Stone article on BTS

Stephanie would like to apologize to the following:
  • Former Roommate Alix. She tried. She really has, but you have trained the Youtube well.
  • 2017. She’s just sorry to see you go.
Thanks for listening! See you next time. 

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  • Reply SpiceAngel December 29, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Happy Nee Year!

    I did watch Hwayugi . I thought the first two episodes were very intriguing. I will Proceed with caution!!!!

    I am really enjoying ‘I am not a Robot’. Not so much for the story but I cannot get enough of Yoo Seung Ho. He is mesmerizing.

    ‘Just Between Lovers’ is only on Episode 6, but it is very good so far. Lee Jun Ho is very cute.

    ‘Two cops’ is another one to check out. Jo Jung Suk is doing a very good job of switching his personality as he portrays two different characters. Also I would love to see a photo of Jo Jung Suk and Gong Yoo together. I believe they favor a-bit. They could do a brother movie.

    Stephanie, you will love South Korea! I am so glad you are making plans. I cannot wait to go back myself.

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