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Posted by Stephanie on January 1, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Why is this not a Khottie post? First off, this is Monday. Khotties are a weekend post. Therefore, if I waited for Monday to post this post, then it is obviously not a Khottie. Secondly, Khotties are written by Alix. I’m Stephanie. So, if this post is written by Stephanie while Alix is away on vacation, then it can, again, not be a Khottie post. Lastly. We here at Kchat Jjigae have a strict 24 age restriction for our Khottie choices. As this person here not 24, then, this not be a Khottie post. Because that would be cheating. And I am not a cheater.


So. If this is absolutely positively not a Khottie post, then what is this post then? It is simply a post documenting my newly born admiration of a talented young artist, Seventeen’s Woozi.

Woozi is a member of the group Seventeen. SVT for those in the know.

He is the leader of the vocal line.

You know, because Seventeen has enough members to have multiple lines and multiple leaders.

I’m not usually one for the high toned singers, usually more of a fan of the rapper, but Woozi and his amazing voice would not be denied.

Not to mention?

Take a look at the last album. Woozi’s name is listed as one of the writers for almost every single track.

So pretty and talented?

I mean. Not pretty. Nooooo…. he’s not pretty at all. Well. He is. But that’s not what this post is about because, as we clearly stated, NOT A KHOTTIE.

So. Talented.

My love of Woozi is embarrassingly new. As in, I’ve seen him perform two times with his group before I realized not only just how much I like Seventeen, but how much I adore Woozi.

I know. I’m embarrassed for myself.

There was even a time where it was thought that my bias in the group was Wonwoo. Oh, silly I was!

What made me change my mind? Well it certainly wasn’t a series of fanfics I read… Noo…. give me more credit than that!

Seventeen started to poke at me at Kcon this year after there I got to really like the song Don’t Wanna Cry.

But it was the song done for by the three leaders Change Up that made me realize just how far I’d sunk with Woozi.

When a video comes on and the pint sized hero makes you literally squeee in delight?

Again and again and again?

You know he has to have something.

He’s perfect.

I mean. Not like Khottie perfect, so beautiful it makes my stomach tingle whenever I see him. Noooo…. because this is not that sort of post.

I love his size.

I love his crankiness.


I love his talent.

LizC sent us this gif this weekend.

And I legit could not stop looking at it. He may be small but he DOMINATES. You can’t help but look at him.

So I do. For his talent. Ahem.

And if he just happens to be Khottie? Well, I can not be held responsible for that, now can I?


You can follow Woozi on the official Seventeen Insta Saythename17 or his personal Insta woozi_universefactory

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